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Another reason Im mad about whats happening in MO, Journalism during a crisis


I’m mad for the people on the ground reporting this story.

I know they’re just like me (mostly) journalists and photogs trying to get the story.

The majority of people on the ground for broadcast media aren’t fucking interested in their opinion. They send you into shitty situations when you’re a “cub” reporter. They don’t send Tom Brokaw or whatever.

When the cops threaten journalists they are threatening you and I. And that ain’t no lie. The are threatening the American people of being deprived of the story and they are putting a gun in the face of someone who probably makes the least amount of money that can be paid to someone in that position.

They are putting a gun in the face of America.

Don’t trip, I know I’m being dramatic but let me explain:

This country that “white America” needs to defend so fiercely is founded on the idea that there is freedom of speech and of the press. We need that. We need to know what’s going on around the country because we need to know when we need to act and these folks (trust me I had some other choice words for them) that run around bleating about their right to carry a gun openly should be shoulder to shoulder with the people in Ferguson.

They’re not.

Racist folks. This is none of their concern after all…

I get so sick. If nothing else they should be (and this is some bare minimum shit right here) be protecting the rights of the journalists trying to tell people what’s up.

When a community, a government, a whatever, doesn’t want people to know what’s going on, they are hiding something.

Even in war zones American Journalists are allowed on the ground. They’re there getting shot at and bringing us the news, but in our own country? They’re threatened with being shot. They have their equipment destroyed by tear gas canisters. They get shot at for doing their job.

It pisses me off because I know the laws inside and out when it comes to being a reporter and what’s happening right now is not cool. It’s not right. It’s not American and it’s stupid.

I’m a dick and if I was the poor camera man who got threatened for doing his job, his LEGALLY PROTECTED JOB (hi we can take pictures, shoot videos of anything we see from a public street, don’t even play, I know what’s up) I probably would’ve said “Shoot me then.”

Not because I want to die or want to be arrested but because it’s important that the American people see what’s going on. Also to see that the people gathering the tapes you hardly ever get to see aren’t the enemy. There are is  a large number of editors and corporations above these people who gladly drop into a scene like this and just go “whatever, I gotta get the story/picture/film”

The people of Ferguson have been amazing to journalists. I thank you as a fellow journalist and media person from the bottom of my heart for not blaming the lot