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No More H8

The sheer amount of cynicism I’ve seen online today shouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve been on the old tubes of informations since my Freshman year of high school and I’m freakin’ 33.

Okay I get it. Changing your facebook photo does about nothing in the world. But do you ever think that maybe it makes some LGBTQ kid in some far off place that all they have as an outlet is the internet, feel just a damn bit better? To see that there are so many people in this country who don’t think they are wrong just for being who they were born as? Don’t you think that helps? Even if what the VAST majority of my facebook friends were doing today won’t do jack all crap towards the fight (and really we shouldn’t still be fighting about this, I don’t care what you have to say as to why, your stubborn logic hasn’t impressed me yet and it’s not going to) for GAY MARRIAGE, it’s giving younger LGBTQ kids hope that in the future they’re not going to have to be afraid of who they are. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

It makes it easier for kids raised by Gay parents to be “out” to their allies. I’ve had quite a few friends, who all turned out just as straight as anything raised in a gay loving home and it was hard for them sometimes because they we were without allies.

I’ve been sitting here, proudly scrolling through my facebook, looking at these allies. Because you know, these people hating on Gay marriage or same sex relationships are almost unnatural to me. Love is the MOST important thing in the world. You find your love in church? Cool go for it, I think religion is freakin’ fascinating and would gladly listen to you. You find your love in your husband or wife? Great I’m super excited for you too! Because love is amazing. You love your boyfriend? You love your girlfriend? Great. The point is, love is the underlying theme.

I LOVE my boyfriend. I think we could get married. I know we could. But I can’t do it with people TAKING that right away from two other consenting adults.

You might have guessed I have a lot of gay friends. Not the point. I know inequality when I see it. My baby sister and I marched in a No on H8 march together actually…

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Because it’s not cool to keep people who love each other from realizing that commitment in a really big way. I really hope to see the day that this all gets sorted. You can’t CHOOSE who you love. Or WHY you love them. Get your head on right. You fall in love with who you do, not because you chose to but because love is a beautiful thing. It’s not against your God. It’s not because some girl never got boned right or because some boy is a sissy and it’s not because someone can’t make up their mind about which gender to love or be. It’s BECAUSE love is just that, love. I’ve felt that way since I even knew there were LGBTQ kids out there in the world.

I went to Washington State in December because I wanted to officiate my friend’s wedding. So I took my ordained self up there and married them on the first day it was legal and it was effing awesome. Because love is love.

Please California, understand.

(and yes, I expect the trolls who will post about beastiality, molestation, rape, incest, etc… don’t bother, I approve comments.)


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My Chemical Romance

So this morning I get on the internet and I see My Chemical Romance broke up. I’m not a MCR fan at all. Like I think I know one song and I am actually more familiar with Gerard’s wife’s band than MCR. But I do know this band meant a lot of things to a lot of kids, especially troubled kids who needed to feel understood. When they came out I was a little “old” for that need so I never paid attention. But I saw how they affected kids and I understand that their music made these kids feel less alone, less fucked up and weird. I felt the same way when I heard Nirvana. And I felt destroyed when Kurt Cobain died. So I feel you guys. Just know that you’ll always have that music. You’ll have something else soon that will feel life saving and amazing. I recommend Off With Their Heads, Against Me!, Reggie and the Full Effect and Alkaline Trio if you haven’t gotten to them yet. I promise.

But anyone who makes fun of you for being gutted at this news is just an asshole. When you fall in love with something, even a piece of music, you fall in love with your whole heart. But eventually it will be less sad. I promise.


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Yo, it’s coming

I am ashamed to be honest… I used to do the Irish Drinking songs game a month out but as it is we’re starting today. So here we are, every Irish Drinking Song I find worthy between here and St Patrick’s Day… starting off with U2!

I know its super cool to hate U2. Except they are really from Ireland. And aside from being crazy successful, they’re very talented. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to was seeing U2 and PJ Harvey with my dad in So Cal. Say what you want, but you get your money’s worth seeing these guys.

I’m taking this party to the air on the 4th. So if you want to hear something….


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Late to the party

So I made this discovery awhile back but haven’t really been blogging lately… (I know, I suck.) But damn if I’m not in love with Macklemore.

Look at all that Seattle love right there

You may have, if you are a Seahawks fan watched him raise the 12th Man flag the weekend of the Wildcard playoffs along with a few other Seattle musicians. You may know him from his completely smash hit “Thrift Shop,”

Oh yeah… he’s pretty hot too. I’m shallow, sue me.

Nothing is sexier than an open mind

Macklemore has a ton of other great songs out there and honestly just seems like a cool guy. Plus hey, Seahawks. But honestly this is a real talent if you buy the album and listen to more than just the single, you’re going to fall in love too.

In honor of the fact that Macklemore is also an Irishmen and that St Patrick’s Day is coming your way soon, let me share with you the best song/video that ever happened.

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that seahawks blog you’ve all been waiting for

I got up today and lazed around and because Mr Stephanie loves me, we decided we’d at LEAST go watch opening ceremonies and pre-game of the pro bowl.

Because Mr Stephanie watched me cry like a lunatic when the Seattle Seahawks lost and didn’t make it to the big game this year.

I cried because, I’ve been really sick. And yet every week them ol’ Seahawks made me get out of bed on Sunday or at least stay awake on the weeknights when they played. Because they gave me hope.  MOSTLY in the weeks leading up to the play offs.

I always call them MINE. It’s because I chose them. The Seahawks. I chose them. I was just sitting around about the time my dad first moved there, being all 6 years old and junk. I picked the Seahawks because my dad went to a lot of games. I, even though I was very small at the time, had a ton of cool Hawks gear.

It was nice for me, while being sick to see MY  Seattle Seahawks doing so well. Too well, we Hawks faithful will sometimes say. It gets to this time of the year and we will sometimes joke around, between ourselves joke that if we had been playing ourselves we would have lost.

But this year, this very special year, when I needed them most, was different.

You’ll notice if you watched the Pro-Bowl tonight that almost every play of the game tonight there was a Seattle Seahawk on the field. I know the Pro-Bowl is sort of a joke. And I know that it’s SORT OF fan motivated but did anyone see my quarterback Russell Wilson tonight? Did you see him just dominate in the bit where he played? Did you hear him when he was mic’d up? What a leader! What an inspiration he can be. I heard from a hawk of a hawk that they had to drag him off the practice field for the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl. This game no one ever cares about.

We b3lieved right through that. Wilson showed the whole world what a FORCE we can be.

These Seattle Seahawks are gonna be the real deal next year. And funny thing that really makes them different than some of the other big teams is that the humility is there. They UNDERSTAND that their fans are the best there are. They UNDERSTAND that heart is the most important thing. They understand that being classy important… that giving to the community, the fans, the people who love them, is important. My “good buddy,” as I like to call the man on my radio show, Russell Wilson, was an example of all of those virtues tonight in front of the whole country. I can’t invent a drinking game for the Pro-Bowl  because everyone taking a drink every time they said Russell Wilson would’ve killed most of America.

Them Seattle Seahawks are going to be a force to be reckoned with next year. I could give a flying bag of dicks about all them Packers fans or all the 49er’s fans that give me shit (and even today when we’re out of it… you like SF so much, go back there, leave me alone all I’m doing is getting a salad broseph) every damn time I go to a sports bar to watch a game. There’s no reason for anyone to apologize to us 12thPeople this year. We had a lovely year.

Next year… damn dude, I may be apologizing to you. I’m just sayin…..

I B3Lieve.

green 12

(I should add I also Sherman Believe, and Lynch Believe and yeah… you get it! I love you guys!!!)

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Dreaming a little dream

Last night I wasn’t feeling well. This is pretty damn usual these days and I couldn’t sleep so I had Ben put on the ocean. You know that app on your phone or computer that just plays the ocean? That thing, the white noise machine.

I fell asleep pretty quickly after he put the ocean on.

My ocean. That I miss so much.

In the worst of times in Avila Beach or anywhere in SLO county I could go to the water. I could walk into it no matter how cold it was because lets face it Central Coasters it’s never cold. I could sit on the sand and listen to that ocean and man I’d just feel great. I miss it very much. And all the lovely and kooky people who came along with it. Some of you know I miss you the most. I miss you absolutely the most.

It’s a whole 38 degrees in Chico today. The car was frosted over and my hands go numb in my own house. I haven’t forgotten spending New Years Eve in short sleeves yet. I’ll get used to being cold all the time someday. But last night it was nice to dream a little dream of “home,” and oh what a dream it was.

Happy New Year my friends. I wish you all the best.

dreaming a little dream

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Let’s Talk about MY Seattle Seahawks!

What in the world is happening? We’re a total happy freakshow right now.

I’m so excited. Like I’m afraid to talk about it because I’m that excited. I curse people for talking, I don’t go to the bathroom when I need to. I PERCH. My Hawks… man…

I’m dreaming a little dream in my head at the moment. Because this is gorgeous and this is wonderful and I had some asshole step to me in a sports store in Bakersfield. Clearly, he was butt hurt about something we did. When we aren’t posing as Hitler or making the Baby Jesus Cry or whatever it is we do that makes everyone hate us.

We’re going to the playoffs. We’re going on our own this year, we didn’t lose our way in, and we are going.

I say we… and I probably shouldn’t. I’m not on the team. I don’t work for them. All they in general, do is eat my money and not give anything back to me.

This year though, I’ve had a bad year because I’ve been really crazy sick. When I got really sick, the Seahawks got good. Not just good but SCARY GOOD. They want me to have something to be excited about, and damnit I want to be excited for them.

So I’m gonna be. I’m gonna scream, I’m gonna yell, I’m gonna cheer for the thing that got me through so much this year. I’m gonna believe.

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