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Let’s talk about food for a minute

I love food. And since I’m not driving currently I’ve been deprived of the ability to just nip out and get some of my favorites. So let’s food porn together shall we, while I eat some olives for lunch, ha ha.

I love Indian Food

Paneer anything is pretty much my favorite. I like curries too. I haven’t been to Indian Food since Thanksgiving weekend and I have to admit I’m jonesin’ pretty hard for some right now.

You guys know I love sushi

Like I avidly love sushi. I’d learn to make it at home if I thought I wouldn’t botch the job. Luckily Ben likes sushi too and takes me probably every two weeks or so. I’m spoiled.

Tofu Pad Thai

Oh my god I love Thai food. Almost every thing on the menu anywhere I go (as most of it can be made vegetarian)

Do not underestimate a good sandwich

Yes I know I can make sandwiches at home but they’re always better when someone else makes them for you. I can’t duplicate the bread at home, I don’t care what you say.

omfg tacos

I love tacos. Fish tacos are my favorite but I’ll take a plain rice and veggie taco too. I love tacos. Did I mention that?

Who doesn't love pizza?

Pizza is the one food Ben and I can both eat and usually agree on the toppings. If someone else goes out with us sometimes we get two so he can have meat but damn I love pizza.

Good grief looking at this list I have no idea how I am not the size of a Mac truck

What’s your favorite thing to eat?


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so that was weird

I met a girl last night at the Flyleaf show who is a fan of mine. Like an honest to goodness ran down the street and jumped up to hug me fan. I haven’t experienced much of that.

Lacey from Flyleaf is actually smaller than me. She’s very sweet and very pretty in person. I could put her in my pocket and taken her home. But Lily might have eaten her. That tiny.
Pretty weird to hug someone who’s been nominated for a Grammy. Pretty weird to go on stage and not think a thing of it, but that’s what Jeremy and I did last night.
Hung out with Adelle afterwards, while she ate her dinner after getting off work at Duffy’s. Came home, watched some tv (I’m trying to see what the big deal is about the Vampire Diaries so I borrowed it. So far I’m not impressed but I was pretty exhausted last night.)
Got my Halloween costume yesterday. ITS PERFECT.
Had some sad news from back home. A former co-worker of mine and a fantastic lady has had Cancer for awhile now and yesterday they told her she has a week left. They told her she had six months to live about four years ago though, so obviously her doctors are wrong. Obviously.
Ben has had a cold since Sunday. He let me fuss over him and take care of him Sunday night because we were already together when he started feeling crappy but he’s been holed up at home since. I miss him. My friend Cesareo is in town tonight playing a show and I’d like to take Ben if he’s up to it.
Blah blah blah.

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glimpses of a life

“The worst that could happen? I could go home and kiss people. I DO THAT!”

“You kiss everyone, and tell everyone you love them. That’s just you.”

“You’re okay with that?”

“I am strangely okay with that.”

In 30 hours I’ll be back in San Luis Obispo.

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next step

Hey Stephanie, what are you doing in Chico?

-Taking huge leaps with my eyes closed at all times. The surprise is the pay off right?

-Missing my friends back home like crazy. I talk to most of them every single day. People you wouldn’t expect even… People I didn’t expect. Man I carry you guys in my heart like you don’t even know.

-Finding my way around town. This hasn’t been too much of a problem in awhile.

-listening to a lot of music, laying in the sun, day dreaming, thinking about radio.

-Did I mention missing people? There are people I miss like a limb. I don’t want to call them out here, because that just swells egos, but they know who they are. Or they should. If they don’t, they’re deaf and blind and just as silly as ever. So they probably don’t. So, hey I miss you.

-Meeting people. You have to, you know when you don’t know anyone, making friends is the name of the game, and I’m trying to do it.

-Joining a gym. Or I will be in the next couple of weeks. Hollah, it’s trade bitches.

-eating sushi. Which I need to knock off.

-Feeling like me again, which wasn’t happening much in the last couple of months in SLO. Nothing dramatic, I just really started to question my path in life and if I was doing the right thing for a living (i.e. do you HAVE to love what you do, or can you just do something for money? Me and a few other bad asses I know HAVE to love it.)

-taking pictures. seeing new things. sitting in creeks. going to bikini car washes. seeing new dj’s.

-Sleeping on the floor.

So now you’re caught up.


times like these

You are currently reading the blog of one very very tired DJ.

I had my first day on the air here in Chico today and while there were some hiccups and a few technical boo boo’s I made it through and even got some nice comments from some listeners. So I guess I live to fight another day.

I posted about starting my job at WiLD awhile back and how weird it was. I mean previous to walking into that building, I had never worked anywhere less than seven years. Seriously, I was at both of my previous clusters for seven years a piece and when I walked into the building out on Buckley a year ago, I wondered if that was where I was going to spend the next seven years of my life.

As it turns out it wasn’t, even though some of the friendships I built there, I can’t imagine my life without them now… So here I am less than a year later, starting all over again. Life’s a trip that way.

I still miss everyone back home terribly. Like more than you could imagine and more than I will ever admit, lest you Central Coasters get swelled heads. But today was probably the first day since I’ve been here that I felt in control of the things I’m supposed to be in control of and I wonder if being on the air was the missing piece since I got here. Probably, I’m a freakin’ ham. Since I don’t know anyone here yet, might as well talk to the microphone, right?

Next I just really want my house unpacked and set up. I want the epic amount of laundry I have to wash to be cleaned. I want my cable and internet on (although presently I’d settle for having my television plugged in and the dvd player set up!) and I want a bed. I’ll get all the other pesky things… friends, a social life, a hang out, a favorite sushi joint… it will all come in time.

Or if I remain as exhausted as I am today, that stuff won’t matter anyway, so either way, it’s a win-win situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hard earned glass of wine waiting for me at my house, along side of 98089787 boxes I still need to unpack.

This song has been in my head since I quit my last job.

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got my smile got my orange crush

Well in this case Cherry Crush.

I was at the Food For Less yesterday and noticed that there are two liter bottles of Crush on the market. You might remember this soda from the 80’s.

When I was a kid, my grandpa used to take me to this place in a town called Pumpkin Center. It was a feed store. Yes a feed store, we had cows, wanna fight about it?

Anyway this feed store was in my little kids mind enormous and had all kinds of weird stuff in it, that I couldn’t find a use for. I mean I was six or something. I have no idea why we were at the feed store. I just know my grandpa seemed to know everyone, much like when we’d go to the “junk sale” on Sundays. And at the end of the feed store outing, I’d get to get a soda out of the soda machine that sold glass bottles. Seriously, these things existed in the world.

My favorite was always Cherry Crush, followed by Orange and in extreme emergencies, Grape, but usually if it was left between Grape and Coke, I’d just get the Coke. I’d pop the top on the little bottle opener and then it’d be off to the pick up truck to take whatever contraption or food we’d bought back to my grandparents house, sometimes even listening to 8-track tapes.

I bought a two liter of this Cherry Crush yesterday, and it’s really sweet and not in a glass bottle but if I close my eyes really tight and take a sip, I smell hay and I smell home.


What the hell is a Snookie

Okay seriously, I’m seeing more and more girls trying to emulate this chick Snookie from that show I’ve never seen, Jersey Shore.

I’ll be the first to call out a hater, so let me point out that I’m not hating on Snookie. Maybe she’s the cute one or maybe it’s in the attitude, I’ll never know because I’ve never seen this show. But I can’t get behind the look personally. I mean what is that on her head? Is that a hairdo or a storage spot for more self tanner and mascara? I’m just confused…

I guess what brought this on is that the Avila Beach Beer festival is going on now and I’ve seen a lot of girls that are rockin’ this look walking through the town and hanging out at Mr Ricks. I mean go on girl, get yours if you want to be orange and have a hair mountain on your head, I’m not mad about it. Just confused.

Maybe I should get cable… In the mean time if you have this overwhelming urge to fist pump, might as well do it along with some friends of the radio family, Hardnox. Check it out: