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Spring has sprung

Last night was the first of what I think will be many impromptu BBQ’s over at my lovely friends Jeremy and Adele’s home. I am still unclear what the occasion was, family in town, baby’s 3rd month birthday, a beautiful night and a huge pot luck, but whatever it was, it was a great night.  Almost reminded me of being back on the coast and the huge bbq’s we’d throw at a moments notice at anyone’s house.

Shannon and Dain holding Eiler and Olive

Jeremy bringing Audrey over to investigate

Baby Cage Match?

We got home a little later than I would normally on a Monday night but whatever. Good food and good friends and some impromptu singing, not to mention great food.

In other random news I’m in love with this song like every other stereotypical chick for 5999 miles:


So Fetch.



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Girl… You’ll be a woman soon.

I went over to Jeremy’s house yesterday to hang out, pet Cooper and of course see the lovely Baby Audrey. And I held her! I haven’t held a baby in a long time. I actually try not to, to be honest. I’m not a kid person. I mean I like other people’s kids fine but the idea of my own just makes me too nervous, annoyed, broke and frightened to think. I’d probably put my kid in the car carrier, set it on the roof and drive off on accident. I’m just not mom material. Ben says I have a maternal instinct but I don’t. I just take care of my friends. And pets. But a baby, man that’s pressure and I’d be bad at it. I’m aware and so I’m totally happy to be Auntie to my friends ever growing brood of kids.

That being said can I just take a second and introduce you to the most beautiful baby in the world?

Can you believe this is a tiny person?

She’s going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow and she’s heavier than she looks but she is still TINY. And so sweet. She hardly cries or does much but eat and sleep.  And her feet! Oh my god, they’re mini mini. So crazy that we all used to be this small (actually I was bigger than this when I came out I guess, see how much that matters. ha ha)

Anyway my turn to cook dinner for the family is Thursday and I’m trying my new secret pesto mac on them.

This by the way is Cooper, the coolest dog ever:


Cooper is Jeremy’s first baby. 🙂 We brought him a package of bacon and lots of belly rubs. Such a good boy. He and the cat bonded with me a little because I was feeding them while Audrey was getting born. So funny.


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musical youth

One of the most things about working at Wild was the Wild Workout at Noon, which is this mix show from some back in the day stuff. Brought back memories of growing up and listening to KKXX (which I would later work for, trip out on that!) Lately I’ve been kinda homesick and so I’ve been looking up youtube videos that I rediscovered during that era…

Timmy T – “One More Try” this was either big when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I have a bad memory for the dates of the era, but anyway I remember every girl in school LOVED this song. It was just the right sappy thing. I’m sure quite a few gals in slouch socks cried to this tune back in the day. Pretty weird that the real Timmy T is now my facebook friend.

Let’s talk about Stevie B for a minute. My friend, former employer and bad ass mixer LOVES Stevie B. We should’ve been worried about him but whatever, people like what they like and Jo liked Stevie B, so I heard ALOT of it on the mix show driving to work every day.  Super good.

While we’re outing people’s musical tastes, my friend also loves Angelina and after hearing so  much of it again, after what like 10 years of not hearing music like this? I re-fell in love with it. This stuff was so popular in Bakersfield when I was younger, it’s hard not to be nostalgic for it.

I really felt like the KLF was just too advanced for their time. Such a neat sound. Love it!



Day 30 – Your favorite song at this time last year

Last day of the meme!

I wrote about this song another time, but yeah this was my first “favorite” at Wild. I used to drive home after work listening to it with my windows rolled down, feeling all pimp and stuff…


But there are more!


It’s weird to think this was just a year ago.

To be honest, working over there in the Sea Shanty was one of the best/worst times of my life. I miss it, on the real.
Anyway… meme over, now what do I write about?


times like these

You are currently reading the blog of one very very tired DJ.

I had my first day on the air here in Chico today and while there were some hiccups and a few technical boo boo’s I made it through and even got some nice comments from some listeners. So I guess I live to fight another day.

I posted about starting my job at WiLD awhile back and how weird it was. I mean previous to walking into that building, I had never worked anywhere less than seven years. Seriously, I was at both of my previous clusters for seven years a piece and when I walked into the building out on Buckley a year ago, I wondered if that was where I was going to spend the next seven years of my life.

As it turns out it wasn’t, even though some of the friendships I built there, I can’t imagine my life without them now… So here I am less than a year later, starting all over again. Life’s a trip that way.

I still miss everyone back home terribly. Like more than you could imagine and more than I will ever admit, lest you Central Coasters get swelled heads. But today was probably the first day since I’ve been here that I felt in control of the things I’m supposed to be in control of and I wonder if being on the air was the missing piece since I got here. Probably, I’m a freakin’ ham. Since I don’t know anyone here yet, might as well talk to the microphone, right?

Next I just really want my house unpacked and set up. I want the epic amount of laundry I have to wash to be cleaned. I want my cable and internet on (although presently I’d settle for having my television plugged in and the dvd player set up!) and I want a bed. I’ll get all the other pesky things… friends, a social life, a hang out, a favorite sushi joint… it will all come in time.

Or if I remain as exhausted as I am today, that stuff won’t matter anyway, so either way, it’s a win-win situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hard earned glass of wine waiting for me at my house, along side of 98089787 boxes I still need to unpack.

This song has been in my head since I quit my last job.

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being thankful

I’m gonna get all emotional and real here, so try to follow me here… And forgive me for letting my “girlie” side show….

Less than a year ago I walked into a little building out by the airport in SLO for the first time to start a new job. I knew like two people there and it was truly “the first day of school” all over again. I was convinced everyone thought I was over/underdressed, asking stupid questions and laughing too loudly. It’s okay to admit that by the way people, even as an adult, you will still feel like this, unless you have epic amounts of Prozac hidden somewhere. (See my jokes, they suck! Why do you people listen to my show?!)

But a load of time has passed and I woke up one day and realized that, whoa, I’m home. These people aren’t just my friends, they’re my family. I’m a very lucky girl, and I just wanted to put that down on virtual paper. Because the more you count your blessings, the happier and more rich you feel. Trust me.

I promise my next blog will be about going to bars, listening to music and sports. Or something.

Feb 2010 at the Grad with Hardnox. Super good times

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the end of an era

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and kept seeing stories pop up about how this place, Woody’s Bar and Grill in Bakersfield closed down. You wouldn’t think something like that would be news, but for the handful of people on my list that used to work with me back there in Bakersfield, it kind of was.

See the radio stations I worked for, now owned by Clear Channel, are basically on the same lot as Woody’s. You could run there in about oh 2 minutes if need be and so we all seemed to spend a lot of time there, either eating or you know, drinking very large glasses of beer. (Not me, I wasn’t old enough for most of the time I worked in that building. Being the baby on the staff sucks.) But it was always a place we could have a staff party and everyone, yes even us babies could go and hang out.
I remember quite a few times sitting at the bar with my dad while the Sonics game was on or whatever having a coke and some fries after work.
The other thing that made it kind of neat was during the time I worked nights, myself and whomever was working down the hall on KKXX or KRAB (depending of course which one I was on) could call down and order our dinner. And because radio was different then and everything was on a CD or a cart (it’s a big clunky tape) you would actually have to time out when you did things. So the order for the basket of chicken strips and the tereyaki burger would get put in and then when it was done, whoever took our order would call us back and ask us when we could come down and get it.
Whoever had the longest song coming up would then sprint down two flights of stairs and meet some poor server who had to come out to the parking lot and bring us dinner would meet you out back while the other person on the air would run back and forth between the studios making sure both stations were on the air. Good times.
Woody’s was also particularly good on weekend night shifts because many many people thought that it was a closed restuarant and that the building we were in was a closed office building. There were always some interesting hi-jinx going down in that parking lot and it gave some very sleepy overnight jocks some strange entertainment over the years.
I don’t really think it was the food or even the service that made that place special to everyone who worked in my building. It was just near by and the place you went to talk shop and unwind after a long day of making radio. It was really just an extension of our break room and anyone who’s worked in radio knows the stations become your home, the people you work with become your family, so the places you hang out become special.