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Dear City of Chico

Okay, I get it, we have a homeless problem. A pretty big one for such a cold place in the winter. And maybe I didn’t research my neighborhood carefully before moving into my apartment in a panic but it’s like a homeless hobo convention up in this bitch at the moment.

I live in a neighborhood that houses SEVERAL rehab centers, I didn’t realize that. County Mental health is a street over. We have a couple of different Vets assistance offices over here. The Blood Bank is across the street. I think Welfare is also down the street. And so is the DMV and you know what kind of people hang out at the DMV. I live right next door to a bike path that is poorly lit and also constantly vandalized, has the homeless and the druggies (no really I’ve seen the discarded crack pipes and syringes over there) hiding out in it during the winter months.

For some reason the city runs the homeless “undesirables” out of downtown around the holidays. It usually starts around Halloween for the trick or treat things they do down there for the kids. Then there’s the Christmas Preview and the other various things that go on around here for the holidays. I get it, we have a giant Christmas tree and kids everywhere and you probably don’t want to see these people all up in your holiday photos. For the moment all of the most famous homeless folks, including the Die Guy live on my block. It’s cool, I get it, rent is expensive, shit sucks, you feel the need to tell everyone to die when they walk by.  But I can’t say it makes the Man in my life feel very safe for me to be out doing my thing, walking back and forth etc.  He’s actually pretty freaked out about it, especially since one of the rehabs on our block seems to have installed a smoking section outside with lawn chairs and ashtrays. Especially since most of the people using this space aren’t clients of the rehab center, they’re just the other random boxes of crazy that stumble off our bike path.

Honestly I don’t mind where I live in town so much. It drives Ben absolutely nuts that I walk everywhere and basically give no fucks about what goes on around here. I think most of our hobos are harmless and I honestly worry more about college kids and my own neighbors than I do the guy having an disagreement with a lamp post or the one dude that seems to talk to cars. (What the fuck, I talk to things that can’t talk back to me all the time? That’s not that weird.) I just wonder if we’re doing anything to help the people who are truly BROKEN here instead of just shuffling them off to one area of town or another. Because some of these people are clearly unemployable and from what I’ve heard from my friends over at the Studio Inn Lounge, they basically just let them out of our local “looney bin,” with 50 bucks and the number to the Jesus Center when they pick them up. I realize this is a pretty common problem in the country, but it makes me sad, as I see it every single day when I’m heading to work.


p.s. I know I already blew National Blog Posting Month. Sue me.


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I stand with Planned Parenthood, Big Bird, the Gays, Disaster Relief et all etc

Tomorrow is election day.

I’ll be putting a little box next to my President’s name.

I voted for Barack Obama four years ago and I’m doing it again tomorrow.

You vote for whomever you want, just make sure you vote. You may think it doesn’t make a difference but it does. Especially at a local level so if you’re for or against something at a local level, maybe a cell phone tax or even weed or you hate grocery bags or whatever, your voice MATTERS. So go use it.

See you at the polls.

I didn’t get paid for posting this

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Bidwell Bark

So next month I’m walking in a fun run to raise money for the Butte Humane Society here in Chico, CA.  I am trying at this point to raise 300.00 dollars but if I get to that, I’ll probably raise the goal amount again. I am doing this as part of a team for the radio station but I’m also doing it because I love animals and I can’t bear to think of homeless cats and dogs not having a safe place to go while they wait for their forever home.

I know, I know, big softie.

So if you’d like to donate to me or my team you can click here!

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No longer allowed to be Down With the Sickness

So most of you have read about the tragic shooting in Colorado this past week at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises.  Some crazy possibly fame crazed, definitely damaged individual stormed a theater full of people just there for a good night at the movies and killed 12 people and shot like what, 70 plus people, total? And some of them were children.

A lot of people have been sitting around throwing their opinion into the ring about what happened and why, but something that’s been creeping up and out into conciousness  is that there were children at a midnight showing of a P-13 movie. And since the world at large can’t make sense of what happened in the shooters mind, they’ve gone over to condemning the parents of those children either injured or killed during this rampage.

My internet rounds in the morning include our company’s paid for show prep. I was outraged and disgusted to see comments from an artist we play crucifying these parents.

You may have heard of Disturbed. You may not know who they are but I am pretty sure you’ve heard them against your will at one point.

David Draiman, the singer of this band had this to say on twitter:

All you parents out there that think it’s OK to take your infants out on the town with you, to a movie theater or otherwise, do the world a favor. Give your children up for adoption to parents who know what it is to be a responsible parent, and sacrifice on behalf of their children. Get a damn babysitter

Followed by:

Maybe we should take infants to nightclubs and restaurants in the late hours of the night as well? Honestly, f— off. This is why only certain people should be allowed the gift of a child. Too many simply aren’t ready for the responsibility

Which is all fine and good. Have an opinion. That’s cool, that’s why we have America. But my opinion is that his opinion has terrifically shitty timing. Like stratispheroically shitty timing. Like the timing is so shitty I’m making up words about it, that kind of shitty. So I took to twitter myself today to mention what I thought.

I think I was actually pretty nice

Imagine my TOTAL surprise when less than half an hour later I got not one but FOUR replies from this guy telling me why I’m wrong.

caps lock is broken, right pal?

Hmph. Okay, where do I start without sounding like a bag of dicks?

David, Let me put it down to you like this: You’re a Libertarian or something, so you believe in free speech. So do I! It’s crazy that we have that in common already! Anyway point is you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. It doesn’t need to change whatever, I just think like you believe these people should be more responsible for their children and the precious gift of children, you should be more responsible for the gift of free speech. I took a much LARGER issue with the sheer insensitivity of your comments because of the timing. The mother of that 6 year old isn’t out of the hospital herself broseph.  The gift of free speech isn’t just being able to say whatever comes into your head, its also being responsible for what you say, who it hurts, who it affects and how it makes you look. Your “truth” doesn’t have to kick someone in the teeth that already feels like like their world is ending. Much like you’re really not supposed to yell FIRE in a movie theater (really I do need to find a better cliche in this instance and I do apologize) you really not supposed to use your free speech and opinions to terrorize people in pain… at least if you’re one of the good guys.

Sometimes Thumper’s mom is right dude, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


That being said Mr  Draiman I really liked your vocals on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack song “Forsaken.”

If we were friends (which by the sheer number of twitter messages this bro sent me, maybe we are now! Squee!) I’d just tell you there is a time and a place for judgement and a handful of days after a huge tragedy isn’t that place. Good luck man, enjoy yelling at insignificant assholes like me on twitter.

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I believe in a power that is of and by the people. I believe in an art that cannot be compromised.

I was first introduced to Against Me! by my roommate and best friend Jen Wa the Destroyer. When we lived in the Grover Beach Crack House, Against Me! was a constant companion. Every situation in our life had an Against Me! song that went with it. It got us through some crazy shit. The poetry of Against Me! probably saved both of us from some crazies or whatever. One summer we went to Warped Tour together just to see this band and it was the best time. Because of my punk show at the time we got to go back and interview the band and it was awesome times. Fat Wreckchords hooked us up and we had a fabulous time interviewing not only the Against Me! dudes who had made us feel so sane, saying the shit we felt like, but other bands we loved and Jen and I probably got into some trouble.

I swear Jen and I didn’t empty this cooler out

A few years later Jen was in Boston and right before I flew out to see her I saw Against Me! was going to be playing in SLO when I got home. I was sad for a minute because I wanted to see them with her again but damnit if it didn’t make landing back in California without my best friend a lot easier knowing I was going to be seeing a band that understood me, I never knew why I felt like they understood me, but goddamnit they did.

It was a glorious show. The most fun I’d had in forever. Against Me! always did this to me. I just forgot everything because their music mirrored my thoughts. It kept me sane. Kept me breathing. Kept me just going “you know what fucking life, I know that somewhere in this world even though I’m too old to feel this way, there is someone out there that understands.”

The album  “New Wave,” came out and people were disappointed but I wasn’t. I liked many of the songs and repeatedly told people like when AFI’s big record came out, look they made the album they wanted to make, finally someone was going to pay for it. Someone would foot the bill for these guys to do what they wanted.

I moved to Chico right around the time “White Crosses” came out and missed another chance to see them in SLO. Tristan was nice enough to send me this:

It hangs in my bedroom now. It probably will hang in every house I have for a long time because this band saved me or at least my sanity at times when my friends and I could make ZERO sense of anything in our stupid white privileged 20 something lives.

So why the love letter?

Tom Gabel, the singer of Against Me! who is a lovely fucking human being who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with and just is an idealist and a poet and damnit, a really brave HUMAN BEING made the announcement today that he’s been living with gender dysphoria and has decided to become a woman.

I have to be honest, as open minded as I am, I was confused for a minute. I guess I always thought of Tom as the “guy” that understood me. And my friends of all genders.  He’s got a great almost Tom Waits meets modern punk voice but he was always saying things I was thinking.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that.. damn… That must have been a bitch to have to or want to hide. It must have been hard but it definitely at least in my opinion made their music better. Against Me! never seemed like it wasn’t accessible to me. It never seemed like they were unaccessible to anyone.

What I know I’m trying to say is I support Tom/Laura and his/her wife in their journey. Some people are going to be complete and total assholes to them. You know what, what the Gable family is going through is brave and completely honest, which is something alot of us can’t say for ourselves. I know there is gonna be some kind of back lash but all I have for all of them is LOVE and acceptance. It’s all Against Me! has ever expressed to me through their lyrics and their willingness to take care of me and my friends either through radio or just being at a show. I’d love to see this band continue to be honest and just be as raw and amazing as always. I don’t think which bathroom you take a piss in decides how hard or why you rock my friends. You have my support no matter what and I love you and applaud your bravery.

Now back to me being a selfish bitch, here are my FAVORITE Against Me! songs of all time.

Tom/Laura… whatever/whoever you want to be, just know that you’re loved. I support you and your family and I hope all of your fans and friends continue to do so too.

Good luck little voice in my head.

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Someone at Time Magazine agrees with me.

You might remember my post about Tommy Jordon. I found it interesting today, in light of some negative (and expected) feedback I got on that post, that a Time magazine columnist also agreed with me on several points.

You can read CHRISTOPHER J. FERGUSON‘s post here.


This whole Tommy Jordon dude shooting his daughter’s laptop over facebook thing…

I’m sure you’ve seen this dude’s video on the internet by now. You know the guy with the teenage daughter that complained about her life on facebook and his idea of a “punishment,” for expressing how she felt  was to  berate her and her feelings and then  shoot her laptop ten times with hallow point rounds. Because he got his feelings hurt about facebook. He called her immature, spoiled and even at one point implied she was slow because she needed a chore list to remember all of the chores she has to do.

So wait, let me get this straight. A grown man is mad about something on FACEBOOK. Facebook. A social networking site that for teens of this era is the equal of talking to a friend on the phone or at very least writing in their diary. You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who at some point hasn’t complained about something their parents have done. And Facebook is the new way of doing that. It’s just kids expressing themselves.

However I get the feeling that in Mr Jordon’s house expressing ones self isn’t very popular and probably isn’t allowed. It probably gets you called stupid or dumb or immature or worse. I have a feeling that in that video we’re seeing the “nice” version of Mr. Jordon and not the day to day of what his daughters life is like.

Why would I think such a thing? I mean who am I to judge? Shouldn’t this man be able to “parent” his child any way he wants?

A gun is a violent tool. I don’t disagree with people’s rights to own them but it is a violent tool. It has one purpose and one purpose only, to kill. If that be in self defense or for hunting purposes, whatever, guns are for killing things. Like hammers are for putting nails in things, guns are for killing. Pure and simple. What else would you use one for? I mean you could try to hammer a nail with one but why? They make less explosive tools for that.

To teach your child a lesson with a tool made for killing is well pardon the word play, overkill. I know it’s a radical notion that children have valid feelings or that sometimes maybe they get frustrated and need to talk about how they are frustrated, but sometimes they do. I was a teenage girl not thaaaaat long ago and it does get frustrating to have every one dismiss your feelings because you are “just a child.” Your age does not determine how you react to having to constantly mop up mud or how you react to being belittled because you need a list to help you manage your time or how you feel about being embarrassed by your parents on the entire internet.

There are a lot of people calling this guy father of the year. I think that’s crap. If this had been a video about a husband blowing holes in his stay at home wife’s laptop for being frustrated with the amount of things she has to do when she doesn’t “work” for the money he spends on her, people would be calling for his head on a stick. At least rational people. Because the act was violent. The notion behind it was violent. It was threatening. I know some people are taking it as a “ha ha kid, you don’t know everything,” but I saw it as “If you don’t behave, you could be this laptop.”

Kids are not born disrespectful. And if they are treated with respect and nurtured instead of talked down to and bullied into behaving in a way adults find acceptable they will learn respect. Children mimic what they see around them and if this is how Mr Jordon and his wife and ex-wife parent their child, through shame and threatening tactics, well… its no wonder she’s acting “disrespectful.” Your kids act how you treat them.

Telling your child they are stupid, immature, unimportant, etc hurts. It stings. It stays. They don’t forget. That little girl was angry about something besides chores and having to do something. She wasn’t being a “bratty teenager” who didn’t want to do her chores. She was complaining about a lack of respect. I don’t think it’s out of line to give a child allowance for doing chores. It helps teach them responsibilty with both work and money. I can almost promise that girl would know the value of a dollar that Mr Jordon seems intent on teaching her with violence if she was rewarded for her work in a small monetary fashion. Instead of buying her stuff and then using it as a weapon to lord over her, let her earn it. She’ll value it more and feel like a grown up and start acting like one. Provided of course her father ever treats her like one.

I’m disgusted with the amount of people cheering this guy on. It makes me sad for children across the country that people are starting think corporal punishment is the way to go with their kids. Those belt straps leave marks that last forever.