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Let’s talk about my friend Ty who will probably be embarrassed by this post

Ty Elam is a fucking god. There isn’t any way around that. In certain circles of the world my good friend Ty is made out of God. Like it may be a crazy talented, insane, tattooed kind of God that made  Ty for the Earth to enjoy but who cares? He’s here, he’s full of some of the best stuff on Earth. I don’t care if we mail ordered him from Russia (who wouldn’t let another good amazing crazy friend of mine in the country recently, but that’s neither here nor there) Ty rules.

He is for one an amazing nice friend. He has no problem calling some blogger who shall remain nameless’s best friend on her birthday at 3 am best friend’s time. Because that’d be weird as poop if someone asked him to do that, right? No one would ever ask him to do that… like ever……

Ty photographs incredibly well. Like it might be a gift from that weird God thing we were talking about a minute ago but holy mother of let me scan all the cool shit I took pictures of in college, Ty Elam is a gorgeous motherfucker in front of the camera. Like it’s like he KNOWS he’s doing the right things and just keeps doing them while being rad. Here are some examples of how good he is at this:

I hate this camera with the firey passion of 200000 suns

Funny story, even though this camera almost got me arrested, mugged, etc I still took all of these without a flash

A magician never reveals her tricks… or really remembers them. But I remember how I did this.

Interesting and funny anecdote, at one point in the beauitful and weird city of Bakersfield, I was for a second cool enough to bring these guys out on stage a couple of times. The most memorable being the show they did at my college. Even now I’m not sure why that particular cloud of OMG WOW BAKERSFIELD DOESN’T SUCK THAT MUCH went off at my school but I took these too:

Ty being all Rollins, because as Hank says, who’s as hard on you as you are on yourself?

Wait is that my good buddy Kris Khols and my other surprisingly good friend Mavis? Anwsers point to yes. Also these were a disposable camera

Before I ran out of film and started using the disposable like an asshole

My friend Ty here is a talented song writer and a front man I’d put up next to just about anyone. He’d slay em. I LOVE his current project (or reproject, since some of you get all weird and technical) Karmahitlist. I’ve been listening to their new demo nonstop since I got it from another band member who I also used to work with. Let’s share:

And then just because I miss Ty (and my old red Neon) and my friends from that era, here’s a few more, why not?

Why wasn’t this song a massive hit? I mean even as a programmer it blows my mind. I want to play it all of the time. I can’t of course but I want to:

The thing about this record is it never had ANYTHING to do with who was in it. It was just a good song. And would be a good song still if someone gave it to me blind box style today. This song came out in 1999. I can’t tell. Except I was THERE.

Speaking of shit that was my jam back in 1999 when anyone cared what I had to say, this song was my heart. I don’t even think I’ve ever fully explained to my friends who created such a fantastic song how much this song meant to me.

But just for old old old timesy, while I was in high school’s sake, let’s really pull out the amazing skeletons and dance and be excited because we were there:

Hey anyone remember Cradle of Thorns? They are only one of the best bands to ever come out of Bakersfield, California:

Man, Cradle’s live show used to just terrify you. Way back in 199-whatever. I want to say it was the Offspring where one of these charming men almost pulled a chandielier out of the cealing at the Casa Royale, but it could have been any show. Except for the show with the pig’s head. That headliner I would’ve remembered. Maybe.

Karmahitlist is fucking rad as fuck and I want them to do some great things. Please support them by going to their Facebook and liking them.


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swing life away

Back in 2005, I was driving home from my radio station I ran back then one night, listening to the band Rise Against. A box of their album “Siren Songs of the Counter Culture” had just come in and I grabbed one to check it out and from the first song I was hooked.

I remember it because it was a bad time in my life. Or rather a difficult time. For those of you who haven’t known me very long I was engaged at the time and supposed to marry someone who while is still my friend, wasn’t the right person for me. And he had just been offered a really big job in Los Angeles. I wanted to move to Los Angeles but I didn’t want to leave my job. I moved for my job. I moved to do what I was doing and the thing was I was doing my job really well. I never had one day that I went to work and thought “Nope, this isn’t for me.” Especially at that time. My job was pretty straight forward. I programmed the music, I did a show. But there was talk of promoting me and this was my dream.

But there was also his dream out there, his next step. And to tell him no would be just horrible too. And it seemed as people were split into two camps: give up your dreams, it’s what a good woman does after all (no shit, someone said that to me) or the other was do a long distance compromise. I can’t remember very many people telling me,  you know, just end it.

Some people told me later that by just ending it, I did the cowardly thing, that maybe I didn’t love him enough because I wasn’t willing to make it “work,” but a lot of those people didn’t know the reality of our situation, which was we just didn’t work as a couple anymore and I in my heart felt like I’d be beating something to death at this point. That if we were going to be friends again, I’d have to hurt him and let him get over it, because he needed to do this big thing in LA and I needed to stay where I was and do my thing. It was important to me. It was what I’d been waiting my whole life for.

In the end neither of us have any regrets about how it turned out. He’s married now and just six months ago I decided to do the same damn thing to someone else, only this time listening to Lady Gaga on that very same freeway.

Sometimes chasing your dreams is lonely work. It isn’t currently.  But it can be. And I guess I’ve proven to myself over a few times that it’s something I can bear if need be.

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girls night

I haven’t had a girls night out in a long time. To be real, I don’t know a lot of girls in Chico. A couple of weeks ago I took Adele out for pedicures before the baby came but that’s been the extent of girls night out. I used to have these pretty frequently either with Kristin or Darcy or Teresa back home. Sometimes it’d be me and Michaela and Suzanne going dancing at the Grad or whatever. But I don’t have a lot of female friends here and I don’t know if it’s because girls are different in Chico or maybe I just don’t work with any women.

Right before the baby came I started doing happy hours with Jeremy. He’s not a girl or anything but he’s my closest friend in Chico who is not Ben so it was always fun to go grab a beer with him across the street from the station after work and gab about the station and our respective lives. Not exactly someone I can talk bloatedness and mood swings with (although I’m sure he’d understand) but a friend. So that’s nice.

I imagine part of this too is that I’m in a still pretty new relationship, although it doesn’t feel new. So Ben and I spend a lot of time together as well. And Ben is great because I can honestly tell him anything and it’s like “Hmm okay well how can I help you fix this? Or is this one of those need a hug and a treat problems?” (No really he kind of talks like this sometimes)

The biggest part of course though is that it’s just not hanging out with girls that I miss, it’s that I miss MY particular friends. Teresa was my life raft the last year of my time in SLO. I never could’ve made it through the millions of things that went wrong without her. Especially this move. Especially that other thing. None of it. And Kristin was my rock. Always there with a glass of wine and a good book to take my mind off of things and always willing to listen or just help me avoid things completely. And then there was Darcy who was my vault and I was her vault while we were both going through the same thing relitively speaking. Always there with a couch and a smile and a hug and a “oh fuck that,” whenever I needed it. My girls, I miss them so much.

I passed my six months in Chico mark sometime last month. It was quiet. I don’t think I mentioned it to anyone but Ben.  Maybe one of the bar tenders at the End Zone.  It still feels kind of forigen to me here. I can find my way around but there are still a million places that when people talk about where they are I’m just like “nope, don’t know.”

It all takes time. Tomorrow I guess I get to find out if all my hard work and stress was worth it when our ratings come out. To say I dyed my hair about this would be an understatement…

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glimpses of a life

“The worst that could happen? I could go home and kiss people. I DO THAT!”

“You kiss everyone, and tell everyone you love them. That’s just you.”

“You’re okay with that?”

“I am strangely okay with that.”

In 30 hours I’ll be back in San Luis Obispo.

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state of the Chico address

So since moving to the Planet Chico I’ve acquired some bitchin’ free cable. I seriously have every channel out there. And internet. And a phone. Rad. Oh and I get paid to have it. Not too shabby if you ask me. Then I acquired a gym membership to what I am told is the best gym in town. Stoked, I just need to go in and sign up and turn in my certificates. Then I can start working out again (yay!) and continue to be the incredible shrinking Stephanie. Seriously I look NOTHING like I did a year ago. It’s awesome.

Now I’ve just left a meeting where I’m getting a new bed. This is my first BRAND NEW BED that I didn’t buy off of some one or have purchased for me by a parent or whatever. My very first grown up bed! LOL. No really though, I get to go to the store and pick out the bed of my dreams. I am more than excited about it.

And grateful. Seriously I was so scared to move up here and there are still days when I’m laying on the Craigslist futon and wonder if I can get up and do this again another day, or if it’s ever going to stop being NEW and confusing and mildly scary, but at least once a week something cool surprises me and I feel… almost at home I guess.

My heart is still in San Luis Obispo, that’s for sure. I mean I miss everyone and everything thing there constantly. Like there are still days I’d give anything to go walk into the Black Sheep with Teresa and drink a red drink and bitch about our jobs and boys with Nicole. Or to walk out to Pete’s Pierside and eat an incredible fish taco and see my friends Trent and Lora and laugh and drink beers. And don’t even get me started on how much I miss my Mr Rick’s family or the incredibly bad ass staff over at Wild 106.1 because even as crappy as some stuff was (or silly or flat out inappropriate in the best way, really) my time there was, it’s all in my heart and I am better for my time in “radio hell” (Or did I used to call it the 7th Level of Radio Hell. Or Where Radio Goes to Die, I can’t remember, but I was WRONG on all counts.)

But I’m definitely finding my feet here. Making friends. Realizing my jocks are total bad asses. Finding places I like to go. Getting my grown up house together. Laying at my pool and reading lots of books and doing whatever the hell I feel like when I want to, because I can.

Like for instance the other day I looked up how far it is to go to Seattle. Did you know that I can drive to Seattle, Washington in 11 hours? It takes 8 hours to get to SLO for reference. I’m thinking about getting a couple of friends and making a road trip up there. I haven’t been since I was a little kid and I’d love to see it again. And not be the only Seahawks fan for 1000000s of miles.

Later this week, Megan and Grant will be here. My first overnight guests since I moved to Planet Chico. I’m pretty excited to see them because duh, Megan is my BFF and I adore Grant. But it will be neat to show someone around my new town and introduce them to friends I’ve made here.

I remember the week or so before I left SLO, sitting in my boss Jojo’s office and just bawling constantly thinking I was never going to make any friends and how I was just going to come up here and fall on my face. He always told me I was wrong. That brat, he just always has to be right…

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So what

It’s no secret that I love house music, although considering where I work, it probably should be. Oh well I have a wide variety of tastes, freakin’ sue me.

Anyway it’s Friday and one of my favorite DJ’s from back home put up a mini mix today, just in time!

If you haven’t checked out DJ Sol yet, do IT NOW. He’s good and definitely part of the familia back home. Get his newest mini mix here. Thank me later.

More on my boy here….

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The last great San Luis Obispo mystery

When I was working in SLO at Mapleton part of my job was to cut up and load this talk show hosted by a guy named Karel for our AM station. Karel is an openly gay liberal talk show host and his show is GREAT. Seriously if you’re still in SLO or a market that broadcasts him, listen dude, he’s fantastic (he also pod casts!)

Anyway part of loading the shows was listening to his bumper music which for lack of a better word was always FABULOUS! My former boss and I would crack up at all the Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Cher going out over the AM airwaves, but Karel had this one song that Jo would sing all the time and we never knew who did it. Why I never thought of looking it up via the lyrics while I was still in SLO, I’ll never ever know. Probably because when we were joking and singing this song, I didn’t think two weeks later I’d be 300+ miles away.

At any rate, yesterday some conversation I was having with someone brought this song back up in my mind and I was determined to figure out who the hell sang it and I finally did! Yay me!