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I'm everyone – hang your label on me

Who’s that girl?

Hi. I’m Stephanie and you might have guessed this is my blog.

This is me. The picture was taken in Chico, California where I currently live and work. I moved here in June of 2010 after spending an amazing eight years in San Luis Obispo, California and before that I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. Yes, the city Korn came from.

Oh hey Korn thanks for stopping by.

I’m a radio DJ. I have been all of my working life. Seriously, started this mother effer of a business back at sixteen years old. Been doing it every since, aside from a small hiatus back in 2008/2009.
I only mention what I do because it is part of my personality. Yes, I do work at a radio station here in Chico. But this blog isn’t about that. At least all of the time. Sometimes it’s about dumb pop songs I like. Sometimes it’s about my cat. Sometimes it’s about the people I meet and the stuff I do. Sometimes it’s a bunch of pictures I took on my iPhone and sometimes it’s just me swearing at sports. Because yeah I like sports. And music. And sushi. And animals. And above all I like radio. I like radio a lot.
Originally this blog was an extension of my personality page at The Beach and Wild 106.1 in San Luis Obispo. Since it’s my name, I took it with me. While I don’t use it in conjuncture with my show anymore, if you’re a listener, welcome. If not, well welcome to an easy place to keep up on what I’m doing.
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One thought on “Who’s that girl?

  1. strangely enough way back when; i was a writer for an independant radio station..thought it would be a very cool way to live; prob is my co writers..were toby who had been there 36 years, and lloyd there 26 years, and always tea at two oclock, i was young and restless; had kinda of a cool dj…now a standup comic…but to no adieu…..but it was an interesting experience, writing,
    happy face at zellers copy…..it was country and western, which just puts me to sleep, like lloyd, who always slept in his chair, an hour a day….nice site…..will plug in, and listen some eve.

    gave up the radio, to a potter, another type of spin…

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