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A thought I had while out today

Okay here’s the deal I like both of the songs I’m about to discuss.

Sir Mix A-Lot “Baby Got Back” VS Megan Trainor “All About That Bass”

One is a male’s perspective on a woman’s curves and praising them. One is a woman’s view on her OWN curves. BOTH songs call out magazines and “overly thin” models and the media’s obsession with them and both songs sing that you’re beautiful if you have curves.

Yet Megan Trainor gets called out for “skinny shaming” constantly.

If that’s not the fucking actual definition of sexism I don’t know what is.

Look I’m all for anyone using their voice to speak their beliefs and I have mad respect for Mix A-Lot, but that song is from a man’s perspective of what a man finds attractive. Good for him giving love to my thick girls but it’s about what he finds attractive.

Megan’s song is her saying she feels sexy because she’s curvy. That she doesn’t feel the need to subscribe to beauty magazine’s ideals of beauty. But she gets called on saying she doesn’t find a certain body type attractive or as a type she hopes to attain.

She doesn’t want to fit into the stereotype. That’s okay. But apparently to some people it’s not okay for her to sing about this.

Most of the people bitching about her “shaming” skinny women are men.

Sorry we liked ourselves that one time, just the way we are. We’ll get back into the kitchen, I’m sure you need a sandwich by now