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I know, I know I haven’t blogged in awhile but I’m freakin’ pissed and now you get to hear about it


I flipping love Iggy Azalea. 

The fact that she or any female artist can’t do exactly what male artists do at shows makes me so angry I want to shake. My boo Macklemore jumps in the crowd all the time. So either he don’t give a shit if people grab his junk or he’s not talking about it or IT’S NOT HAPPENING.

The comments on the articles about Iggy speaking up disgust me to the highest degree as well. “What did she expect” “Well jumping into a pit of horny rap fans wasn’t smart” blah blah blah blah

Drop dead.

No one, male or female has the right to lay hands to anyone, regardless of their fame level, gender, ethnicity, fucking anything. Keep your hands to yourself until you have permission. If you walk up to someone and say “Gee may I penetrate your body with my body?” and they say “yes that’d be swell!” then penetrate away. Don’t be walking around touching anyone without asking. It’s rude for one but its also illegal and gross. And what should be illegal and gross as well is the idea that it’s “Asked for”

Pardon my French here but fuck you. No one asks to be violated. If someone you touched feels violated, guess what, you fucking violated them. Asking for something is consent, it’s saying yes. It’s going “i would like to join my physical being with yours”

Don’t fucking assume because someone is outwardly a fan of sex, enjoys sex, talks about sex, dresses sexy, is sexy, is famous, is whatever that they “want it”

Idiots. What did she expect? She expected to be treated with decency but clearly this world has completely forgotten how to do that for anyone. 


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