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No More H8


The sheer amount of cynicism I’ve seen online today shouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve been on the old tubes of informations since my Freshman year of high school and I’m freakin’ 33.

Okay I get it. Changing your facebook photo does about nothing in the world. But do you ever think that maybe it makes some LGBTQ kid in some far off place that all they have as an outlet is the internet, feel just a damn bit better? To see that there are so many people in this country who don’t think they are wrong just for being who they were born as? Don’t you think that helps? Even if what the VAST majority of my facebook friends were doing today won’t do jack all crap towards the fight (and really we shouldn’t still be fighting about this, I don’t care what you have to say as to why, your stubborn logic hasn’t impressed me yet and it’s not going to) for GAY MARRIAGE, it’s giving younger LGBTQ kids hope that in the future they’re not going to have to be afraid of who they are. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

It makes it easier for kids raised by Gay parents to be “out” to their allies. I’ve had quite a few friends, who all turned out just as straight as anything raised in a gay loving home and it was hard for them sometimes because they we were without allies.

I’ve been sitting here, proudly scrolling through my facebook, looking at these allies. Because you know, these people hating on Gay marriage or same sex relationships are almost unnatural to me. Love is the MOST important thing in the world. You find your love in church? Cool go for it, I think religion is freakin’ fascinating and would gladly listen to you. You find your love in your husband or wife? Great I’m super excited for you too! Because love is amazing. You love your boyfriend? You love your girlfriend? Great. The point is, love is the underlying theme.

I LOVE my boyfriend. I think we could get married. I know we could. But I can’t do it with people TAKING that right away from two other consenting adults.

You might have guessed I have a lot of gay friends. Not the point. I know inequality when I see it. My baby sister and I marched in a No on H8 march together actually…

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Because it’s not cool to keep people who love each other from realizing that commitment in a really big way. I really hope to see the day that this all gets sorted. You can’t CHOOSE who you love. Or WHY you love them. Get your head on right. You fall in love with who you do, not because you chose to but because love is a beautiful thing. It’s not against your God. It’s not because some girl never got boned right or because some boy is a sissy and it’s not because someone can’t make up their mind about which gender to love or be. It’s BECAUSE love is just that, love. I’ve felt that way since I even knew there were LGBTQ kids out there in the world.

I went to Washington State in December because I wanted to officiate my friend’s wedding. So I took my ordained self up there and married them on the first day it was legal and it was effing awesome. Because love is love.

Please California, understand.

(and yes, I expect the trolls who will post about beastiality, molestation, rape, incest, etc… don’t bother, I approve comments.)


2 thoughts on “No More H8

  1. You know? I changed my avatar after I saw 2 different friends who are directly affected by Prop 8 say that it made them feel good to see all the red blocks, showing support in their Facebook feed. Why would I NOT want to do such a small thing that took virtually no effort, yet made some friends feel good?

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