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Late to the party

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So I made this discovery awhile back but haven’t really been blogging lately… (I know, I suck.) But damn if I’m not in love with Macklemore.

Look at all that Seattle love right there

You may have, if you are a Seahawks fan watched him raise the 12th Man flag the weekend of the Wildcard playoffs along with a few other Seattle musicians. You may know him from his completely smash hit “Thrift Shop,”

Oh yeah… he’s pretty hot too. I’m shallow, sue me.

Nothing is sexier than an open mind

Macklemore has a ton of other great songs out there and honestly just seems like a cool guy. Plus hey, Seahawks. But honestly this is a real talent if you buy the album and listen to more than just the single, you’re going to fall in love too.

In honor of the fact that Macklemore is also an Irishmen and that St Patrick’s Day is coming your way soon, let me share with you the best song/video that ever happened.


One thought on “Late to the party

  1. I *finally* saw the “Shrift Shop” video just a day before you posted this entry. I follow a few DIY-centric music-biz blogs, and this Macklemore fellow just kept coming up over and over again. So, I figured I’d better see what all the hype is about. I definitely dig this guy’s vibe and “Irish Celebration” (which I hadn’t seen/heard before watching the video just now) is cool as hell. Also, I recently a read a great interview with Wanz, the guy who sings the hook on “Thrift Shop.” He’s 51 years old and trying to figure out how to make the most of the exposure he’s getting thru the song. And that in itself is a pretty cool side note to the whole thing.

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