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that seahawks blog you’ve all been waiting for

I got up today and lazed around and because Mr Stephanie loves me, we decided we’d at LEAST go watch opening ceremonies and pre-game of the pro bowl.

Because Mr Stephanie watched me cry like a lunatic when the Seattle Seahawks lost and didn’t make it to the big game this year.

I cried because, I’ve been really sick. And yet every week them ol’ Seahawks made me get out of bed on Sunday or at least stay awake on the weeknights when they played. Because they gave me hope.  MOSTLY in the weeks leading up to the play offs.

I always call them MINE. It’s because I chose them. The Seahawks. I chose them. I was just sitting around about the time my dad first moved there, being all 6 years old and junk. I picked the Seahawks because my dad went to a lot of games. I, even though I was very small at the time, had a ton of cool Hawks gear.

It was nice for me, while being sick to see MY  Seattle Seahawks doing so well. Too well, we Hawks faithful will sometimes say. It gets to this time of the year and we will sometimes joke around, between ourselves joke that if we had been playing ourselves we would have lost.

But this year, this very special year, when I needed them most, was different.

You’ll notice if you watched the Pro-Bowl tonight that almost every play of the game tonight there was a Seattle Seahawk on the field. I know the Pro-Bowl is sort of a joke. And I know that it’s SORT OF fan motivated but did anyone see my quarterback Russell Wilson tonight? Did you see him just dominate in the bit where he played? Did you hear him when he was mic’d up? What a leader! What an inspiration he can be. I heard from a hawk of a hawk that they had to drag him off the practice field for the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl. This game no one ever cares about.

We b3lieved right through that. Wilson showed the whole world what a FORCE we can be.

These Seattle Seahawks are gonna be the real deal next year. And funny thing that really makes them different than some of the other big teams is that the humility is there. They UNDERSTAND that their fans are the best there are. They UNDERSTAND that heart is the most important thing. They understand that being classy important… that giving to the community, the fans, the people who love them, is important. My “good buddy,” as I like to call the man on my radio show, Russell Wilson, was an example of all of those virtues tonight in front of the whole country. I can’t invent a drinking game for the Pro-Bowl  because everyone taking a drink every time they said Russell Wilson would’ve killed most of America.

Them Seattle Seahawks are going to be a force to be reckoned with next year. I could give a flying bag of dicks about all them Packers fans or all the 49er’s fans that give me shit (and even today when we’re out of it… you like SF so much, go back there, leave me alone all I’m doing is getting a salad broseph) every damn time I go to a sports bar to watch a game. There’s no reason for anyone to apologize to us 12thPeople this year. We had a lovely year.

Next year… damn dude, I may be apologizing to you. I’m just sayin…..

I B3Lieve.

green 12

(I should add I also Sherman Believe, and Lynch Believe and yeah… you get it! I love you guys!!!)