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Dreaming a little dream

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Last night I wasn’t feeling well. This is pretty damn usual these days and I couldn’t sleep so I had Ben put on the ocean. You know that app on your phone or computer that just plays the ocean? That thing, the white noise machine.

I fell asleep pretty quickly after he put the ocean on.

My ocean. That I miss so much.

In the worst of times in Avila Beach or anywhere in SLO county I could go to the water. I could walk into it no matter how cold it was because lets face it Central Coasters it’s never cold. I could sit on the sand and listen to that ocean and man I’d just feel great. I miss it very much. And all the lovely and kooky people who came along with it. Some of you know I miss you the most. I miss you absolutely the most.

It’s a whole 38 degrees in Chico today. The car was frosted over and my hands go numb in my own house. I haven’t forgotten spending New Years Eve in short sleeves yet. I’ll get used to being cold all the time someday. But last night it was nice to dream a little dream of “home,” and oh what a dream it was.

Happy New Year my friends. I wish you all the best.

dreaming a little dream


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