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It’s a Girl!

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Last night I was sitting with my friends over at the End Zone watching the Alabama game when I got the news, I’m an Auntie again! My friend Chelsea gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl yesterday. May I present you Lily Ryan Dunham.

Isn’t she gorgeous?


Chelsea and I met in high school and I have to say she is one of my best friends. We had PE together and shit ton of honors classes. She was always the smartest person in all of my classes and she wasn’t shy. She was mouthy, interesting and I though she was just beautiful. (She still is, it’s just taken her awhile to realize it!) She was also really sensitive and kind and just an all around amazing sex bomb of awesome. Of course I had to be friends with her. Bucket of duh.

Chelsea and I at the Mint some time in 2004


One day a long while back Chelsea just got up and moved to Alaska. Just like that, seeyalaterbye, she was in Alaska. I was so shocked and completely impressed. When I moved to San Luis Obispo, it was Chelsea I consulted for advice on how to move, how to be a grown up, should I clip coupons, should I do X Y and Z because she’d already done it and on a much grander scale than I did. We wrote letters and emails and shared blogs while we both pursued our dreams, probably both secretly pleased we’d escaped Bakersfield in the mean time.  And during all this time between escaping Bakersfield and moving to Alaska, Chelsea met Sam and they decided to get married.

This is from the rehearsal dinner


I met Sam for the first time when they visited me in San Luis Obispo. Sam is funny and mouthy and quirky and nerdy and well… just freakin’ perfect. He loves all the same things about Chelsea that I love and makes sure she has fun in her life which is one of those really important things for women like Chelsea and I, we get so focused that we forget to have fun. But Sam does that for her and so much more. They have a wonderful relationship and I am so glad. When Chelsea told me they were going to start trying for a baby, I couldn’t think of anyone who would be better parents than these two.

And yesterday that happened. My strong, beautiful, amazing friend had her daughter yesterday morning. And as Fairy Godmother to this precious human, I will make sure she has books and music and a third strong feminist figure in her life. Probably gonna send her a teddy bear first though.

Congrats Dunhams!



One thought on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Awww…I love you so much Stephi…a picture of aunt stephi goes into lily’s nursery. You are an awesome Chica!

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