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So it’s the time of the year again.  It’s National Blog Posting Month.

Oh here we go


Basically if I do this I’m supposed to blog EVERY DAY in November. Crazy right? I mean who wants to read my thoughts that often? Isn’t this what twitter is for? Where are my handlers? You know the last time I did this I was woefully unemployed and still couldn’t do the entire month without missing a day or two and I was a SERIOUS blogger back then. As of right now I just sort of suck to be honest. I hardly ever get on here any more.

But I’m gonna try. Because as of right now I have the creativity of a stump and it’s depressing. I used to be doing 40 things at once that were creative or interesting and now basically I work and sleep. So I’m gonna try. Hopefully I entertain someone other than myself but at the end of the day, who cares? If I can prove to myself I can be committed to a project for 30 days that is JUST FOR ME then I will be happy. I don’t do anything for myself anymore and it really is about time that I do. So wish me luck…


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