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Happy Halloween

So I started spamming my Facebook feed this morning with Halloween songs and thought to myself  “Well that’s rude, why not just do a blog of my favorite spooky tunes?”  Besides I’ve been neglecting this place, so what better way to jump start my blog?

The Electric Hell Fire Club – Killing an Arab.

Yes it’s a cover but that’s really what’s made EHFC successful is covers. They do a great one of U2 “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as well.

45 Grave – “Riboflavin”

I posted the actual music video to this on my facebook and its fun to watch and all but its hard to hear. I love these guys. I’ve seen Dinah’s newer band Penis Flytrap a few times but I guess they’re touring as 45 Grave this winter. When I saw Penis Flytrap Dinah gave me a plastic pumpkin full of spider rings, and other various Halloween goodies. Probably one of my top 10 Los Angeles moments. Also I am pretty sure Dinah Cancer is a vampire. That woman never ages.

Speaking of the unaging…

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Halloween

Has anyone seen a picture of Siouxsie Sioux lately? Holy hot mama. If I look even a 1/10 that good when I’m 50 something I’ll be stoked. Shit I don’t even look that good now.

Some promo shots for Into a Swan

Sisters of Mercy – Some Kind of Stranger

While not exactly a spooky song it’s self, the Sisters of Mercy have long been associated with things that go bump in the night. I just like the vibe of this song. They did a song on the “Lost Boys,” soundtrack but you’ve all heard that one already so…

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Yeah this one is kind of a gimmie but you could play it on endless loop at any haunted house. If you’re looking to expand your Bauhaus consumption let me recommend “Into the Flat Field,” “Stigmata Martyr” “She’s in Parties” and pretty much everything else they’ve ever done.

Tiger Army – Incorporeal

I know, these days whenever I say Tiger Army people think of that last record they did which sounds like new AFI (not gonna lie, I liked it but it didn’t sound like Tiger Army to me in the least bit) but a long time ago in a galaxy before Davy Havock got his hands on my future ex-husband, Tiger Army used to spend a lot of time writing songs about ghosts, graveyards, undead loves and the scary fog. If you like punk/rockabilly, you’ll like their older stuff.

Virgin Prunes – Baby Turns Blue
Look if you’ve never done the gothic tree/landing an airplane dance to this song, you probably didn’t know me in the year 2000. The Virgin Prunes were dropped into my life by my friend Johnny D and while their stuff is hard to find, a lot of it is on youtube and now Spotify which makes me believe they’ve been reissuing it.

There are tons more. Pandora is rocking a Halloween station. So is Music Choice if you have cable. If you use Spotify, you can check my incomplete play list out by typing my name in “Stephanie Bell”

And now for something to transition us into the next holiday….

Fiona Apple – Sally’s Song

By the way anyone who thinks Amy Lee’s version of this song is better? They’ve got Hot Topic reciepts in their ears.