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what is wrong with people lately

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I’m starting to think the Mayans are right. Worlds ending and all that jazz. I mean there is the Royal Wedding coming up first off, but also it just seems like lately man shaped people have no problems talking to and or treating women like dirt for doing basically the same things they’re doing, like riding the bus, watching baseball at a bar with her friends or walking to work (I’ve never really blogged about mentally unstable guy I see all the time but there is a dude that gives me shit almost on a daily basis. I kind of don’t care, I have to get to work somehow.)

In case you missed the point of my post about here’s a chicken wing, shut up bitch guy a couple of weeks ago, it’s not okay to just walk up to a girl who is somewhere alone and force her to speak to you. I do not owe you a moment of my time and you don’t owe me a moment of yours. Most of the time actually if you’re not a total moron the first time you open your mouth to speak to me, I’ll talk to you. I like talking to people. It’s fun. People are fountains of fun. I actually like strangers. Like the girl on the airplane from Detroit who randomly bought Ben two beers or when I met my friend Taylor he was a stranger but we bonded pretty quickly because we hate Michael Vick a lot. I love that shit.

I do not love when I am clearly waiting for a friend to show up or watching a game or just sitting on a patio reading my book or at my own goddamn house being made to be afraid for my life. I shouldn’t have to worry about my safety if I want to sit in the sun. But I do. And to be honest I’m sick of it. And I’m sick of not just taking someone’s head off when they come at me like I’m their property. And I’m sick of NEEDING a man to go with me to work stuff because if I don’t have someone else with me, this will most likely happen when I’m standing in a parking lot hawking cell phones, because for some reason there is a man shaped person that thinks they have the right to walk up to me and talk to me in a way that wouldn’t make his mother very happy. And to call me all sorts of names because I don’t want to talk to him.

I keep saying man shaped person, because anyone who needs to threaten a woman or make her feel afraid in order to speak to her isn’t a Man. A Man is someone who respects others, not just women but other men as well. A Man is someone who knows when to back the fuck up. A Man is someone who understands that all people walking around with vaginas and stuff aren’t doing it to irritate them. (Trust me you can have the damn thing if you think its so great, you can all also take all the pain, messy months and caution that comes with it. Seriously, here you go! I’ll take it right off and hand it to you!)

It’s 2012, it’s time to let us be. The rewards will be better than the fun you’re having at our expense. Promise.



One thought on “what is wrong with people lately

  1. OMG Fuck that guy! That’s like social rape or something. If I were man shaped I’d track him down and give him a taste of my fist!

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