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I like football

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I know. I’m a girl. A kinda punk rock, rock and roll music nerd girl. But I like, no scratch that love football. Specifically Seahawks football.

I am so excited about this season’s Seattle Seahawks that I can’t see straight. I love the Seahawks. Even when they suck. Actually sometimes especially when they suck. Because someone has to love them and it might as well be me, you know?

My dad is a huge Seahawks fan. When he moved to Seattle I used to watch their games on TV (in the 80s I’m pretty sure they were on TV a lot more than they are now) because my dad went to a lot of games at the Kingdome and 5 year old me was pretty convinced that if my dad was at a football game in Seattle, I would be able to see him on TV. Duh, that’s my dad, of course they’re going to put him on TV.

I had some of the dopest Seahawks stuff growing up. I actually had MOST of it until I was in high school. My Land of the Boz t-shirt actually still fit me baby doll style and made it to a few punk shows. But I was probably the only 6 year old at my elementary school with a Starter Jacket. Just sayin’.

Anyway I’m wishing, wanting, waiting for the season. I’m excited. I’m in. I’m the 12th (wo)Man.


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