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Seahawks time!

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So Pre Season football kicks off this week.  Which means it’s Seahawks time! Yay! As I do every season I have been scanning the Pro Shop at seahawks.com and trying to decide what it is that I want from the shop this year.

This looks super comfy!


I’m in love


Actually I’d wear the shit out of this hoodie. I like it because the colors are closer to vintage Hawks colors and it just looks so soft and comfortable, not to mention SUPER cute.

Beast Mode!

Look I know a lot of people were disappointed in Marshawn Lynch getting a DUI earlier this summer and I am in the capacity that it might have an affect on how many games he’s able to play etc. But I still think he’s a hell of a ball player and at least in his case he didn’t hurt anyone. I’m sure his Momma gave him a whooping too after the fact, so there you go. BEASTMODE.

I may just give up and buy this one now

I LOVE the old Hawks logo, totem poley and not neon and stuff. This shirt would be in heavy rotation if I owned it. OMG the sleeves. Omg the color. I love green!

this one is pretty good too


I had contemplated getting a youth jersey this year with the redesign of the unis, because my jersey I have now is a kids jersey and kids jerseys are about 20 dollars cheaper but I noticed something while browsing, the jerseys they’re selling this time around aren’t replicas of the player jerseys which are cut more narrow and tighter with the new Nike design, they’re the same baggy assed ones we’ve been getting pushed at us for years. The women’s jerseys are closer to the cut of the players but they’re also about100 dollars so I think I’ll be happy with a player t if I decide to go that route.

Another time we’ll talk about what I think the purpose of  T.O. joining the team is. For right now, if you’re feeling generous you can find all this gorgeous stuff I want at seahawks.com I usually buy a large since all the women’s things are actually juniors and everything shrinks like crazy.








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