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I like football

I know. I’m a girl. A kinda punk rock, rock and roll music nerd girl. But I like, no scratch that love football. Specifically Seahawks football.

I am so excited about this season’s Seattle Seahawks that I can’t see straight. I love the Seahawks. Even when they suck. Actually sometimes especially when they suck. Because someone has to love them and it might as well be me, you know?

My dad is a huge Seahawks fan. When he moved to Seattle I used to watch their games on TV (in the 80s I’m pretty sure they were on TV a lot more than they are now) because my dad went to a lot of games at the Kingdome and 5 year old me was pretty convinced that if my dad was at a football game in Seattle, I would be able to see him on TV. Duh, that’s my dad, of course they’re going to put him on TV.

I had some of the dopest Seahawks stuff growing up. I actually had MOST of it until I was in high school. My Land of the Boz t-shirt actually still fit me baby doll style and made it to a few punk shows. But I was probably the only 6 year old at my elementary school with a Starter Jacket. Just sayin’.

Anyway I’m wishing, wanting, waiting for the season. I’m excited. I’m in. I’m the 12th (wo)Man.


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Bidwell Bark

So next month I’m walking in a fun run to raise money for the Butte Humane Society here in Chico, CA.  I am trying at this point to raise 300.00 dollars but if I get to that, I’ll probably raise the goal amount again. I am doing this as part of a team for the radio station but I’m also doing it because I love animals and I can’t bear to think of homeless cats and dogs not having a safe place to go while they wait for their forever home.

I know, I know, big softie.

So if you’d like to donate to me or my team you can click here!

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Seahawks time!

So Pre Season football kicks off this week.  Which means it’s Seahawks time! Yay! As I do every season I have been scanning the Pro Shop at seahawks.com and trying to decide what it is that I want from the shop this year.

This looks super comfy!


I’m in love


Actually I’d wear the shit out of this hoodie. I like it because the colors are closer to vintage Hawks colors and it just looks so soft and comfortable, not to mention SUPER cute.

Beast Mode!

Look I know a lot of people were disappointed in Marshawn Lynch getting a DUI earlier this summer and I am in the capacity that it might have an affect on how many games he’s able to play etc. But I still think he’s a hell of a ball player and at least in his case he didn’t hurt anyone. I’m sure his Momma gave him a whooping too after the fact, so there you go. BEASTMODE.

I may just give up and buy this one now

I LOVE the old Hawks logo, totem poley and not neon and stuff. This shirt would be in heavy rotation if I owned it. OMG the sleeves. Omg the color. I love green!

this one is pretty good too


I had contemplated getting a youth jersey this year with the redesign of the unis, because my jersey I have now is a kids jersey and kids jerseys are about 20 dollars cheaper but I noticed something while browsing, the jerseys they’re selling this time around aren’t replicas of the player jerseys which are cut more narrow and tighter with the new Nike design, they’re the same baggy assed ones we’ve been getting pushed at us for years. The women’s jerseys are closer to the cut of the players but they’re also about100 dollars so I think I’ll be happy with a player t if I decide to go that route.

Another time we’ll talk about what I think the purpose of  T.O. joining the team is. For right now, if you’re feeling generous you can find all this gorgeous stuff I want at seahawks.com I usually buy a large since all the women’s things are actually juniors and everything shrinks like crazy.








Let’s Talk About Air Travel

I just got back from a really long vacation that involved waaaaay too many airports and I have to say air travel in the year 2012 sucks the air out of a lifeboat.

If you’re expecting this, forget it.


First of all, I understand the security screening requirements. I do. I pack accordingly. They introduced the whole all your liquids into a plastic baggy thing right before I flew to Boston back in 2006. The taking off your shoes and all that. I can deal with that. And then in 2008 I flew again and it was an overall positive experience except for being taken into the ROOM on the way out of Alaska because I still had my wedding hair on and all my hair pins set off the metal detector. Other than that though, the planes were nice, the employees weren’t awful and I made all my flights on time, no problem, not even a small one.

This last trip though was the stuff of airline nightmares. It started off really great in the newly remodeled Sacramento International Airport. I’ve only been there previous to drop off or pick up people so it was my first time going inside. It was a little bland but the security people were nice (Even when my Betsy Johnson purse set off the metal detector) and we were able to get in and out on time and had a nice flight to Salt Lake City. I’ve flown into Salt Lake before, when I went to Alaska and I remember the airport as being surprisingly full of cool shops and little airport bars. As we touched down though, it came to my attention that the Utah airport that we were scheduled to spend 2 1/2 hours in was under remodel. So we ended up walking over 3 terminals to find a place where Ben could get a beer and we could get some food that wasn’t McDonalds. Finally found a bar where they were selling 25 dollar glasses of wine. Errr…. After a refreshment and the worlds most expensive olive plate we ended up eating McDonalds. I wish we hadn’t because about 45 minutes later our flight was delayed. For TWO MORE HOURS. They explained to us that this was a common thing on this particular flight. Well if it’s so goddamn common, why do you still sell tickets for 12:45am when you don’t leave until 2:30? Stop it, you’re just making people crazy.

Then our good friends at Delta Airlines oversold the plane, meaning no empty seats and all the carry on was full, so they asked for volunteers to check our luggage. Having done this without problems in Sac to SLC we agreed. I should’ve been wary when they said our luggage would meet us in Elmira NY. Also when we got on the plane they forced us to stow our personal items in an overhead bin. It was pretty awful.

So we get to Elimra and surprise, no luggage. No my bags were in Detroit. The city I had left 2 hours ago. We had no option but to wait and see if they were on the next flight so I’m at about 4 hours of my life wasted on the trip out by the time that thankfully our bags poked their heads out of the baggage claim.

Fast forward to our trip home. We get to the airport in Syracuse and go through security. I am selected for a random extra screening.  They want to re-examine my Hello Kitty Vans because I am probably the Hello Kitty Shoe Bomber or whatever. After going through this with a rude TSA agent (Seriously if you hate your job that much go guard a mall) we go into the world’s most boring terminal. The flight screens aren’t working. The only place to eat is this snack bar and due to NY blue laws we can’t even get a bloody mary because it’s not noon yet. HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE HAVE BRUNCH IN NEW YORK IF YOU CAN’T BUY LIQUOR UNTIL NOON?!?

Finally the plane gets there and we get into another sardine tube commuter flight to get to Chicago and proceed to sit on the runway for almost 45 minutes. By the time we land at O’Hare in Chicago we have less than 1 1/2 hours to get to our gate which wouldn’t be that big of a deal but O’Hare is HUGE and we were dropped off on the tarmac about 5 terminals over from where we needed to be. Cue the running. Sweaty and with an hour to spare (told you it was a huge airport, 30 minutes to RUN  to the gate) we bought some souvieniers and scarfed a pizza. As the indigestion was setting in we were informed our plane was going to be pushed back until almost 3pm because the flight crew hadn’t shown up. What?

Dejected we explored the airport for awhile until I looked at our tickets and realized this was going to make us miss our connection flight to Chico. It would now leave 30 minutes before we would even land. This ended up being an optimistic estimate on my behalf as we arrived in San Francisco about the time we were going to land in Chico. We were over an hour late. After some arm flinging and poking we got a hotel voucher and some meal vouchers and shoved into a hotel shuttle. The flight we missed was the last flight with any seats on it and the flight going out to Chico 6 hours later was also over booked.

To be fair to United they did put us up in a nice hotel. Ben and I had a nice dinner at the Elephant Bar and watched the Olympics at the Late Night Happy Hour after his work out.

view from the Elephant Bar in Burlingame

But the next morning we were up at 3:45 AM repacking our bags to go through security yet again and try to fly home. Upon going through our screening two really awesome things happened. My bags passed through without a problem. It was yet again ME that was the problem. I went into the full body scanner wearing jeans and a tank top from my old radio station. I get out and they ask me if I’ve emptied my pockets. I say aside from lint, they’re quite empty. I get felt up by the lady at TSA and they again select me for random further screening. How is it random if it happens every time I step foot in an airport? They say I need to have my hands tested. For what? Do I glow in the dark? Am I a bomb? A mutant? I have to go to another booth and have my hands wiped down with a big circular pad and they throw it in a machine that tells them I’m not explosive and I get to go through.

But then I have to wait for Ben to be rescreened. He forgot he had water in his Kleen Kanteen. He told the TSA agent and asked to pour it out in those garbage cans they have for you to ditch the things you can’t take on the plane. Instead they shoveled him through security and gave him the option to either surrender his 20 something dollar water bottler or to go outside with an agent, dump it out and go through security again. He took the second option and I waited on the other side, since I’m pretty sure if I was rescreened I’d be in Sing Sing by now. After about an hour of this BS we were free to hike to our terminal to find out our flight would be delayed yet again and oh yeah we were flying on a prop plane and we needed to check our bags again.

Flying used to be fun. It’s really shady and kind of dirty and awful now. I used to love to travel and I love adventure once I get there but man if Amtrak and the bus don’t look a lot better to me at the moment.

I have to fly again next year for my sister’s wedding and after dealing with Delta and United on this trip I am considering Virgin America or Jet Blue or Southwest (I actually love Southwest) or ANYONE else for my next trip. Suggestions?