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it’s 10pm do you care where your parents are?

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So my friend Dixie just had some surgery and is dealing with some medical stuff and while trying to cheer her up via facebook I remembered our favorite movie of all time while we were hanging out.

It was Pump Up The Volume. We LOVED this movie. This should’ve been a pretty good indicator that I was doomed but really at first it was just because we thought Christian Slater was hot. (And he used to be, I’m really not sure what happened with that.) I saw this thing on cable one night after I was supposed to be in bed much like when I saw “Heathers,” and I don’t exactly remember how but Dixie and I got a copy of it. We used to watch it all the time before she went back to the other side of the country.

When she left I was destroyed. Seriously. Dixie was one of my very very best friends. She lived in my house for a month during summer school because her parents had to go somewhere. We were more like sisters than friends. We helped each other pick boys to like and the one time we liked the same boy it wasn’t even a big deal. (Plus to be honest I don’t think a boy even LOOKED at me until high school) We shared our music, my private phone that hadn’t been taken away yet, our love of listening to the radio and movies. When she left I really honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. Who the hell was I going to talk to now?

But we still talked. Long distance used to be expensive, remember? So we sent letters. And sometimes tapes of songs we liked and would talk to each other on the tapes between the songs.  We sent each other school pictures and then snapshots. I remember not being able to go to her wedding and again, so devistated. I sent her a tea set from an import shop in town because I had just read some story about how the Japanese believed if you have tea every morning with your spouse it’s good luck. Then the internet came and now I can check in Dixie every single day and look at her beautiful family and be so proud of her.

And whenever I’m down I pop in Pump Up the Volume and bask in it’s stupidity and wonderfulness and think of my friend who taught me all kinds of stuff and went from New Kids on the Block to Concrete Blonde with me and then, I smile.



One thought on “it’s 10pm do you care where your parents are?

  1. I got to see this movie in the theater. I loved it from pretty much the first frame. Kinda funny to think about how Slater’s character got the radio setup so he could stay connected with his out-of-state friends. An archaic notion in these post-Internet times. Regardless, it’s still a cool film and I’d gladly watch the hell out of it now, given the opportunity.

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