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Los Angeles

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I want to go home.

Shocking right, that I’d want to “go home,” but everyone thinks of home for me as Bakersfield California but in reality HOME home sweet kiss the ground when you get off an airplane home for me is Los Angeles, California.

It is ABSOLUTELY the best place I’ve ever even temporarily lived. (WHAT UP NORTH HOLLYWOOD!?)

Radio is fantastic. Shopping is fantastic. The clubs are fantastic.  Food is amazing.

But there’s more than that. Los Angeles is this place this magic place where dreams come true.

I miss it so much. I started trying to explain the beauty to Ben, who’s only been to Disneyland, the fun of the driving the experience.

As long as I was in driving distance (which I was up until 2 years ago) I considered Los Angeles to be HOME. Bang, Beauty Bar, Burgandy Room, Toi Thai, Oxnard st/ave whatever. KROQ, The Record Bar. Eleclectic Cafe. LA woman. Fashion District. The Getty. So many things.


I want very much to go home.  Maybe baby, maybe someday.


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