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completely frivolous shit that I want and I want it now

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nom nom nom

I want to go eat some goddamn sushi. And I don’t mean go get a roll and nibble, I want to eat all the things, even the weird shit I don’t normally eat. I want to go and order like money and time are no object. I want to stuff myself stupid with raw fish.

I want a pedicure.

I want a pedicure. I used to be such a bitch about this and go every other week, without fail. Pay day was toes day. I’m lucky if I get one every six months now. There’s simply not TIME. I never have any time for anything.

I want a massage

I want a massage. I won a massage in a contest and never had time to go get it. So it’s the money it’s time. Because since I don’t drive, time is not my own anymore. And there is always some more important chore to be done on the weekends like I don’t know buy groceries and do laundry since I can’t drive. And Ben works during the week. So no massage for me.

I want new shoes.

All of my shoes unless you count my flip flops from Old Navy are over a year old. I need shoes.

yes I really want a pair of shorts

I have one pair of shorts. It’s about to get hot, you do the math on how that’s going to work out.

a decent nights sleep


Never gonna happen.

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