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Happy Birthday Ben

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It is my boyfriend’s birthday today and since he really didn’t want anything other than to go camping on Sunday and to have a small get together with our friends, this blog is my gift to him.

Dear Ben-

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted you to know that I love you, and fully appreciate you.  Things  haven’t ever been easy for us and you take everything with such grace and patience that I am in awe of you. Almost nothing upsets you. Your logical android/Vulcan mind just takes over and you just handle things. It’s amazing to me since I’m usually in a panic or yelling with my hot headed temper I’m pretty sure I got from my mom’s Greek family. But you, you just look at everything and either step in and fix or at least find a way to get through whatever is going on. That’s one of your best traits.

Ben and I in Bidwell park

But you aren’t just this  logical creature, you are a lot more. You are kind of a kid at heart and it’s always so funny to see you wanting to dress up a cat or watch children’s shows with me or sometimes teasing me just to get the “cute voice” out of  me. You like gadgets just like a teenage boy and you are hilarious when you play video games about twice a year.  You like to play. You like to do silly things. A lot of people don’t know that, but you have this wonderful silly side that makes me smile so big.

And my smile. You fixed it. You got me to do something I was afraid of doing so badly that I hadn’t done it in 16 years. But you got me to go to the dentist. You got them to take care of me. You got my smile back and I am really grateful for that. (Even though I gripped and cried the whole time.)

One night in the back of the Bear


Also you love a good food adventure and I’m a sucker for that. It could be time to get Jamaican food or sushi or you wanting me to invent food and you will eat anything I make, even if it doesn’t turn out like the pictures on the internet. You always eat what I make and ask for seconds and swear to me it was good. It’s okay to lie then so I smile because you want me to be happy.

And that’s a really endearing quality about you too: You want me to be as happy as you are. If it means buying me socks (You seemed so horrified that I didn’t own socks after living in flipflop central for 8  years and really only needing like 3 pairs of socks max!) You want me to feel good about myself and to succeed and I am so grateful to you for that. You are a everything any girl could hope for and so much more.

Plus you ain’t bad lookin and I’d say an above average kisser 😉 And you don’t snore even though you do sleep sideways and always take my pillow. The not snoring trumps all.

This one time at Duffys

Ben, I love you very much and I’m very lucky to have you in my life. I hope this is a wonderful birthday for you and the next of many I get to spend with you.




One thought on “Happy Birthday Ben

  1. “Plus you ain’t bad lookin and I’d say an above average kisser ” – Now that is damn sentimental. ❤ Happy birthday to your uh-mazing Ben. 🙂

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