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only because my sister asked

Here’s a few of my favorite Irish Drinking songs for the High Holy Holiday tomorrow 😉

You really should find a higher quality version of this song. The Lost City Angels are long time friends of the Gutter Trash Mafia.

I love Dropkick, such cool dudes.



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Happy International Women’s Day (one day late)

I suck I got busy yesterday and didn’t have time to make this post but it doesn’t matter because it’s also Women’s History month! Yay!

Anyway, on my show yesterday I played some women that rock and I’d like to expand on that and share some amazing music with you.

Dolly Parton is freakin’ amazing. And this song is mindblowingly good. I love Dolly because she’s always been very upfront about her look and her wigs and her uhh attributes. Plus she’s just freakin’ funny.

p.s was that Hee Haw?

Who doesn’t love Joan Jett? When I saw her on the Warped Tour with Jennifer back in 2006, it was pretty obvious she blew everyone else off the stage (Sorry NoFX, it’s true) and she’s like 50 something years old. I’d still totally make out with her. I don’t care. This woman is strong, smart, talented and hot.  One of my heroes.

Exene Cervenka is my wardrobe muse. And my writing muse and damn I just love her. This is a recent video so clearly they’re still going at it. I got to sing the chorus to this song with her at a show at the El Rey back in 2002? 2001? I can’t remember. Anyway she had me straighten her wig afterwards and was just the nicest woman. I love her.


I played L7 yesterday but dude, these girls rock. They are filthy and gritty and everything that girls aren’t supposed to be. I mean one of them threw a used tampon into a crowd once. Can’t hate on “balls” like that.

If I don’t mention Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, well I might as well take away my own feminist membership card. But seriously one of the most amazing women in the world. She’s brave, brilliant and when I saw her band Le Tigre they were crazy electrifying and fun in person while really giving girls a safe space to let loose and have fun. I think that was the first show I ever went to where my boyfriend at the time was more uncomfortable than I was, because I was finally home, you know?

For awhile it was kind of “cool” to hate on Gwen Stefani. But for real? She’s a girl who grew up middle class/boarder line poor and she’s climbed to the top of music and fashion without ever really overtly selling out her sexuality. She made things she wants to wear and did music she wanted to do and let’s be real has been punishing her ex boyfriend for how many years now with that song “Don’t Speak,”? But the thing I admire most about Gwen is even though she is completely totally rich now  and has play dates with the Jolie-Pitts, she hasn’t forgot how it is to be young and dying for something fashionable. Her Harajuku lovers line is pretty affordable and made to last. Don’t even start me on the clothes for Target for kids. I want all of them. I bought my friend’s daughter a dress from it, actually. 🙂

There’s so many more but these ladies always show up in my top lists. Enjoy

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So earlier today I was looking through old journals trying to figure out when the last time I spoke to a person who requested me on Facebook last night was. It was almost ten years ago. About 9 to be exact. And I realized the last time I spoke to this person was about the time I moved to San Luis Obispo.

It’s hard to believe now that it’s almost been 10 years since I packed up and moved out of Bakersfield. I remember being very frustrated at not being able to find my way around SLO and being annoyed that I’d have to drive like 15-20 minutes to go a big box store for various things I was used to being able to scurry down to the corner for. I remember being annoyed by parking meters and also how I was so sure I was never going to make any friends and I was just going to hate it. And maybe I did for about a year. Maybe not even a year, I really can’t remember.

Because even when I hated it there was this:

Oh hello Avila

And eventually I did finally make friends. Lots of friends. And I got to work at two different radio stations that I loved in different ways and eventually got to live at that beach for a couple of years. I had a good life there and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing it. I don’t think anything could replace that time in my life at all if it tried.

I’ve been “homesick” a lot lately because the weather here is changing and I know it’s just gorgeous back “home,” and all I want is to have appetizers on the patio at Ricks with my friends or bloodies at the Black Sheep or just drive through the hills near Wild and marvel at how green it is. That’s one thing I’m proud of is I never lost sight of how beautiful that area is and how special it is.

The thing I’m trying to not lose sight of now is that it did take me a couple of years to build that kind of love and friends there. I will have been here two years in June, so Chico may have it’s chance at capturing my heart yet….