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This morning I read a blog by my friend Danielle that mentioned what she carries in her purse on a regular basis. At the end she asked other ladies to post what they keep in their purse so, here you go.

The purse itself is my black Harajuku lovers purse that my Mama D got me for Christmas. May actually be the perfect bag ever. But on to the contents:

1-Keys, duh I need them to open and shut doors

2-My Amazon Kindle Fire that my dad got me for Christmas. I never go anywhere with out it. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve had and is my new best friend. My iPhone is jealous.

3-Lipstick. I can’t remember the brand but it’s a burgandy color.

4-a pen. I always have a pen. Which leads to me buying a lot of pens because everyone knows I have pens.

5-my Hello Kitty id case I bought at HepKat in San Luis Obispo when I went down for Tristan’s birthday. It holds my ID and my credit card. I don’t really need much else.

6-Burt’s Bees chapstick. Very important stuff. I am addicted and I blame Ben.

7- one 8 ounce soda. I carry one of these most week days. It’s the actual serving size of coke that you’re supposed to have and you get these 8 to a pack instead of 6 like with the pepsi products. I don’t drink one every day but I like having one by my side if I am needing the caffiene.


One thought on “purse

  1. I’m glad someone else posted one! 🙂 I’m also known to have a can of soda in my purse and half the time I forget it’s there. :p

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