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This whole Tommy Jordon dude shooting his daughter’s laptop over facebook thing…


I’m sure you’ve seen this dude’s video on the internet by now. You know the guy with the teenage daughter that complained about her life on facebook and his idea of a “punishment,” for expressing how she felt  was to  berate her and her feelings and then  shoot her laptop ten times with hallow point rounds. Because he got his feelings hurt about facebook. He called her immature, spoiled and even at one point implied she was slow because she needed a chore list to remember all of the chores she has to do.

So wait, let me get this straight. A grown man is mad about something on FACEBOOK. Facebook. A social networking site that for teens of this era is the equal of talking to a friend on the phone or at very least writing in their diary. You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who at some point hasn’t complained about something their parents have done. And Facebook is the new way of doing that. It’s just kids expressing themselves.

However I get the feeling that in Mr Jordon’s house expressing ones self isn’t very popular and probably isn’t allowed. It probably gets you called stupid or dumb or immature or worse. I have a feeling that in that video we’re seeing the “nice” version of Mr. Jordon and not the day to day of what his daughters life is like.

Why would I think such a thing? I mean who am I to judge? Shouldn’t this man be able to “parent” his child any way he wants?

A gun is a violent tool. I don’t disagree with people’s rights to own them but it is a violent tool. It has one purpose and one purpose only, to kill. If that be in self defense or for hunting purposes, whatever, guns are for killing things. Like hammers are for putting nails in things, guns are for killing. Pure and simple. What else would you use one for? I mean you could try to hammer a nail with one but why? They make less explosive tools for that.

To teach your child a lesson with a tool made for killing is well pardon the word play, overkill. I know it’s a radical notion that children have valid feelings or that sometimes maybe they get frustrated and need to talk about how they are frustrated, but sometimes they do. I was a teenage girl not thaaaaat long ago and it does get frustrating to have every one dismiss your feelings because you are “just a child.” Your age does not determine how you react to having to constantly mop up mud or how you react to being belittled because you need a list to help you manage your time or how you feel about being embarrassed by your parents on the entire internet.

There are a lot of people calling this guy father of the year. I think that’s crap. If this had been a video about a husband blowing holes in his stay at home wife’s laptop for being frustrated with the amount of things she has to do when she doesn’t “work” for the money he spends on her, people would be calling for his head on a stick. At least rational people. Because the act was violent. The notion behind it was violent. It was threatening. I know some people are taking it as a “ha ha kid, you don’t know everything,” but I saw it as “If you don’t behave, you could be this laptop.”

Kids are not born disrespectful. And if they are treated with respect and nurtured instead of talked down to and bullied into behaving in a way adults find acceptable they will learn respect. Children mimic what they see around them and if this is how Mr Jordon and his wife and ex-wife parent their child, through shame and threatening tactics, well… its no wonder she’s acting “disrespectful.” Your kids act how you treat them.

Telling your child they are stupid, immature, unimportant, etc hurts. It stings. It stays. They don’t forget. That little girl was angry about something besides chores and having to do something. She wasn’t being a “bratty teenager” who didn’t want to do her chores. She was complaining about a lack of respect. I don’t think it’s out of line to give a child allowance for doing chores. It helps teach them responsibilty with both work and money. I can almost promise that girl would know the value of a dollar that Mr Jordon seems intent on teaching her with violence if she was rewarded for her work in a small monetary fashion. Instead of buying her stuff and then using it as a weapon to lord over her, let her earn it. She’ll value it more and feel like a grown up and start acting like one. Provided of course her father ever treats her like one.

I’m disgusted with the amount of people cheering this guy on. It makes me sad for children across the country that people are starting think corporal punishment is the way to go with their kids. Those belt straps leave marks that last forever.


14 thoughts on “This whole Tommy Jordon dude shooting his daughter’s laptop over facebook thing…

  1. i see what you mean, some pretty disturbing qualities about this guy…his need also for a cig…and the random tossing of it…..gives me the chills; kids complain, but not in the way she
    did..at 15, unless she was bringing to the surface, and provoking a response..so she could
    have some witnesses…on hand, just in case; he is a lunatic, and his wife…absolutely; they have little respect for her, she is testing them, and they failed, badly…poor kid, need some adults,
    who can buffer up against, who will be have her back, when she needs them…

  2. Excellent…very well put and much more coherent than my driveling on Facebook. I hope that the daughter knows that there are people out there that do NOT support her father and feel for her.

  3. Seriously? A parent’s job is to teach their kids how to behave. I have heard of kids who lost scholarships for college because of something they posted to FACEBOOK! He is saving his daughter a world of trouble by teaching her this lesson before she puts something really bad out there that she can’t take back. Our job’s as parent’s are to help our kid’s grow up into responsible well behaved adults. Too many of today’s parent’s feel that their job is to be “friends” with their children. How is a child supposed to respect an adult that does not parent them? There is a reason kids have parents, because they do not know what is best for them and need someone to teach them. As I tell my children, “My job as a parent is to do what’s best for you, even when that doesn’t give you what you want. Just because you want a cookie for breakfast doesn’t mean that is what is best for you.”
    Would you prefer that he just yell over and over at his child about what to do but never provided any consequences for not obeying? I do not hit my children, when they get in trouble they have to stand in a corner or they lose privileges such as video games. I do however demand respect from my children. I listen to my children, I make compromises where necessary, they do not lack for necessities (they do lack some WANTS), and I discipline them when they disobey, because that is MY JOB AS A PARENT! And guess what, my child watched that video with me and his response was that Tommy should have used a shotgun.

    • Crystal- First of all thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. I actually appreciate it.

      Secondly I agree with you, parenting your kid is important, however I noticed you use the world “demand” when talking about respect. I don’t think one demands respect, they earn it, even with their children.

      My dad never used violence with me or fear tactics when I was this girls age. When I did something wrong, he revoked privileges (which while living with my dad happened once) or talked to me and never yelled. Why? Because my dad was trying to show my how adults solve problems and how adults behave. He also LET me be independent, teaching me to use the bus system and encouraging me to get a job and to work very hard.

      I am a pretty successful radio programmer at this point and my dad is one of my best friends. I use the lessons my father taught me without the aid of firearms every single day and I appreciate him and the hard work he had to do in order to raise me.

      I’m not saying this approach works for everyone, but I’m saying Hannah isn’t going to learn adult problem solving skills from someone who’s throwing a tantrum themselves.

  4. This was literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. You hear her say all of those things on a place where not only her friends, but every adult or family member she has ever added on Facebook, can see her talk about her parents as if she’s living the life of a tortured slave, all because she has a handful of chores, and you think it’s just harmless expression, then you have zero common sense. Its not just expressing your opinion on facebook when she specifically blocks just her parents from seeing it, and then completely berates the ever living hell out of them. He didn’t point the gun at her, she wasn’t even aware of this until long after it happened. She wasnt threatened in any way, shape or form. Every single thing he did was fully justifiable for what she said.

    • Hey thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I can’t expect someone with the handle “hitman,” to agree with me though. Again though, I stand by what I said. Complaining on facebook is no different these days to kids than talking to their friends in the school yard after school. It may seem different but kids of this generation use the internet like little girls used to pass notes when I was in school. To THEM it is no different. There are many other solutions to this family’s problem that don’t involve destroying expensive property or using shaming or fear in punishment. Take the computer away. If he’s such a computer genius he could very easily block her from the wifi and internet in the house. Donate the computer to a needy family or school. Do something positive instead of something violent.

  5. After reading this Blog it sounds to me as if it was wrote by a spoiled , bratty, direspectful teen. Children shouldn’t be paid to help take care of the house they live in. And yes teens complain about their parents but FACEBOOK was created for college kids and for adults to relocate friends from the past, be it college or Military…FB is not where teens should complain about parents, bully, talk trash about peers, or post obscene or naked pics of themself…kids today are coddled to much, they are direspectful and lazy…they want somthing for nothing

    • Well Momma Deb, thanks again for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

      On to your points: I’m 32 years old. I am a successful radio program director with a staff that works for me. I make a good living and have earned every single thing I have in my house. I was taught the value of a dollar by my parents giving me the choice to either be paid a set amount to do chores or to get a job. Because either way at 16 years old that was the money I was going to be allowed to spend on extras. I chose a job. Did I still help out around the house? Sure. I lived there too, I wanted it to be nice.

      Facebook may have been created for college kids but that isn’t who uses it exclusively. There are a million computer programs that can block that website from your home. If you don’t want your child on it, it’s very simple to keep them off. Especially for someone like Mr Jordon who is supposed to be some kind of IT genius. Many experts recommend only having ONE computer in a house with children and having it in a public space, especially if you are concerned about your children’s online activities. If he was so worried about her facebook activities that also could have been a solution.

      I agree that facebook should not be a tool to bully or to post dirty photos on, but the reality is that unless parents become more involved with their children and talk to them about the dangers of these things and get a little computer savvy themselves, this is going to happen.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      • do you have a teenage daughter??? My daughter was taught the value of a dollar and was a straight A excellent student involved in sports, loved school and we had one computer in the house. The her father…my ex bought her a laptop a cell phone and a $5000 neclace, $1000 pair of earings and a 4 thousand $ ring…she came up with a planto “throw Mom under the bus” and did and went to live with her Dad to get spoiled even more. I finally got her back after, spending 12,000+ $ and 14 mos of court battles, and the loss of my Admin Management job.

        Its easy to judge someone else when you are not in their shoes. Im not saying what he did was right…but I know how teens these days can act and even the courts and child service are ignorant to it and take the childs side ,putting them in more danger. The peanut brained female judge in my county and the child services court ordered that my daughter has a laptop, cell phone, allowed to continue in all-star cheerleading, and to have her ipod…leaving me with no parental control…She missed 60 days of school trying to get me in trouble so she could go back to her DADS to continue to run wild and have everything she wanted without having to earn it.

        I finally got CYS to listen to me and to understand the verbal and emotional abusse my then 14 year old daughter was doing to myself and my son…and finally after 19 months CYS stepped in to help and I hired home based counselors to work with us. I cant lay a finger on my daughter or I go t jail, so she likes to push buttons and try to get her own way. I sent her to a STAR program (kinda like Basic Training) for a day…it seemed to help some…are case with the counselors and the Child services were just closed…She just turned 16 on Thursday….we will see how things go…she threatens that if she cant have her own way and have a car and date her 19 yr old boyfriend that she will emancipate herself…Its a never ending battle that I never thought I would have to face and spend so much money on and lose a job over, and having a hard time finding another job. She was such a sweet, good child, till the teens kicked in and Daddy started spoling her with material things…not to mention that if the kids live with him that he gets control of their $1400 social security and doenst have to pay child support….so in conclusion..I have been through more and put up with more than one single “good” parent should have to. When I saw the guy on facebook reading something to his daughter and shooting the lapto…all I could think was…Wow!!! I need a father figure like that around here t make my little wild ass out of control, snotty , bratty, disrespectful tenager mind. Hopefully the therapy helped us…but im wondering if that guys way of handling it would get the point across quicker and cost soooo much less in court cost and therapy. Raising teens in this high tech information age is DEFIANTLY A CHALLENGE…a parents worse nightmare.. I served my country as a US Army soldier, and I earned a Bach degree in Bus Admin and an Assoc in Computer Info Systems…my daughter always comments that she hates it that she has a smart Mom…cuz I can usually stay one step ahead of her in the Technology area…but…when she calls me names and breaks things, and tells me she hates me and wishes I would die in a car wreck, whenever I catch her doing something unacceptable or dangerous….well thats when I wish I had a pistol and could shoot her phone , ipod and maybe burn the Uggs I bought her. Auggghhhh!! Im 45 and Wow!!!! Its just a different world from the 80’s when I grew up. And please dont judge me for typos and spelling and grammer…Im on the couch sick with the flu and in much pain while typing this….so really dont care if it isnt up to college or professional standards.

      • Deb – I do not have a child at this point but I do have two younger siblings who are just now entering their 20’s. It’s interesting as my parents are divorced and both girls were raised in different family structures and they both have wildly different expectations as to what their familys should provide.

        I’m sorry for your family’s difficulty. It does sound completely awful. You seem like a strong, wonderful parent who wants the best for their child. It does make me sad to see these kids who are spoiled to death and just like the story you posted about your ex buying your daughter’s loyalty, that is also something I felt about this video. Like this man was trying to buy his kids respect and then was sort of put off when it didn’t work.

        There’s nothing wrong with being angry at a teen for being a brat. There is nothing wrong with punishing them. But like you said about your ex, your daughter wasn’t spoiled and entitled until she went to live there. Spoiled kids aren’t born, they’re created by the enviornment.

        I just feel in the situation of the video the decision to stop supplying her with extras would have been a better solution than public humiliation.

        I wish you the best with your family situation.

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