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I feel like I’ve lost a lot of people over the years. Recently a friend to my Bakersfield tribe passed away and I don’t really feel like I have the right to be sad about it. Al was a good friend to my friends and a good friend to my ex boyfriend Jon and his brother. Al was a good friend to anyone who came into his shop and needed something. Al was a good friend to the Adema kids and for some reason never kicked all the music scene kids out of his shop although we hardly ever bought any jewelry or got a tattoo.

Al went out of his way to say hello to me whenever he saw me, always had a smile for me and supported so many people I loved and downtown Bakersfield where some of my favorite memories took place.

I was so sad to hear about “Naked” Al passing away over the weekend. It’s just a reminder of how fragile our lives are. I was lucky enough to know Al and I am just so sorry to know he’s gone. I hope his tattoo shop stays there forever and I hope whoever is running it realizes how special it is to the various weird individuals who go there to find family and friendship and a place to belong.



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People assume because of what I do for a living that I’m for this bill. I’m not.

Pirating is bad, and I understand that. I have friends who make a living off their copyrighted works. I have first  hand knowledge as to what that’s like and that’s WHY I’m NOT for this bill.

Neither of these measures would help stop pirating. It’s just going to give the government (who’s been hella stellar about caring about what we want, srsly) the power to censor the internet. Who wants that? I want to see Oprah’s face photoshopped onto a cats head or whatever. The internet is FULL of wonder and awesomeness and by letting these bills pass, government is basically shutting down forms of creative expression… art even. Who wants to kill art?