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for the girls


I’m pretty sure I’ve always been some kind of feminist. You can ask my parents if you’re not sure. If memory serves me I was never going to get married, I was never going to have kids, I was going to be a lawyer, psych therapist, an actress (oh boy that one is rich) and a music journalist.  Maybe I am a combination of those things now. Maybe I’m not. But either way I was never going to depend on a man to do the things I needed done.

Wait. Pause.

I am not a girl with Daddy Issues. On the contrary my dad is my best friend. Absolutely I can tell my dad anything. I called my dad from jail when I got arrested and told him exactly what happened. Both times. When things get insane, my dad is the first person I call. Because my dad is a feminist too. My dad has always taught me I can and will do anything I want. That I can be anything I want to be. That I am just as capable as anyone with the other set of genitals. My dad is who taught me to ride public transport, to work, to not be afraid to walk at night if I am aware of my surroundings (because really no one, male or female should be out not knowing what’s going on, get off your phones, seriously!) My father and I work in the same industry and I’m sorry to say it’s still pretty male dominated but because I’ve always had that support behind me, guess who’s the boss lady now? This bitch.

Yeah that microphone is sexy

I’m sure somewhere on the internet someone is all, “OMG this woman just called herself a bitch, that’s so derogatory!”

Whatever, get over yourself.

It’s not a man’s world, this is something I’ve learned and some knowledge I’ve earned.

I have a few amazing girlfriends in mind that I want to do something with. I want to start a punk version of Big Sisters. I want us to pool our resources if it’s art, money, books, time, pen pal timing whatever together and find a few girls every year and give them all the love and support we can. I know some of the most amazing women in the world and I know I would’ve loved having people like Aurora or Kim or maybe even someone like me in my life , as angry teen. (I swear we’re all just learning what it is to be angry and everything pisses us off!)

I was lucky. I had my Dad. I had my cousin Michelle who I swear gave birth to the best baby ever. I had my amazing and actually shockingly punk rock Grandma Hazel and I had my Aunt Sharon and Ms Augustine/Clark and later my Mama Denise. Some girls aren’t that lucky. I want to give them what I know and with my friends help, I know I will.



2 thoughts on “for the girls

  1. I love the idea of a punk version of Big Sisters!

    I really get irritated that it comes down to “Daddy issues” when people see a strong woman who can and wants to take care of herself. I get the same thing and my dad is, just like yours, an amazing father, role mode and probably the biggest advocate of equality I know. It makes me so sad that people want to look for a bad catalyst to cause people to be strong rather than solid parenting,

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