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Let’s talk about food for a minute

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I love food. And since I’m not driving currently I’ve been deprived of the ability to just nip out and get some of my favorites. So let’s food porn together shall we, while I eat some olives for lunch, ha ha.

I love Indian Food

Paneer anything is pretty much my favorite. I like curries too. I haven’t been to Indian Food since Thanksgiving weekend and I have to admit I’m jonesin’ pretty hard for some right now.

You guys know I love sushi

Like I avidly love sushi. I’d learn to make it at home if I thought I wouldn’t botch the job. Luckily Ben likes sushi too and takes me probably every two weeks or so. I’m spoiled.

Tofu Pad Thai

Oh my god I love Thai food. Almost every thing on the menu anywhere I go (as most of it can be made vegetarian)

Do not underestimate a good sandwich

Yes I know I can make sandwiches at home but they’re always better when someone else makes them for you. I can’t duplicate the bread at home, I don’t care what you say.

omfg tacos

I love tacos. Fish tacos are my favorite but I’ll take a plain rice and veggie taco too. I love tacos. Did I mention that?

Who doesn't love pizza?

Pizza is the one food Ben and I can both eat and usually agree on the toppings. If someone else goes out with us sometimes we get two so he can have meat but damn I love pizza.

Good grief looking at this list I have no idea how I am not the size of a Mac truck

What’s your favorite thing to eat?


One thought on “Let’s talk about food for a minute

  1. You’re right about sandwiches. They’re not ever as good made at home as they are from a deli. Tho, they’re still better at home somehow when someone else makes them for you. I know because sandwiches are about the only thing Jen can/will make, and when she does, they’re pretty good.

    I also love pizza. Pizza rules.

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