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you’re such a pillow case

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Last night I showed Ben this movie for the first time

My favorite movie of all time

He’d never seen it and I doubt he’ll ever let me watch it again because I have all the words memorized. Every single bit of the script? I probably know it. This is because my good girlfriend Jackie and I were OBSESSED with this movie in Junior High school. We used to watch this and Pump Up the Volume endlessly when we’d spend the night at each other’s houses giving each other horrible home hair cuts and gossiping about boys. And when you think about it, wow what a dark movie for a kid to love but whatever. It’s hilarious and well written and just about as subversive as any John Waters flick out there. Only with less Divine.

Anyway Ben really enjoyed it and I’m so glad it’s on Netflix to Watch Instantly. This is the kind of movie that in this post-Columbine world could NEVER be made again. And while there’s a dark story line, there’s also a really strong anti-bully stance there as well. If you haven’t seen this movie and can get past the Dynasty era fashion, watch it immediately. If you don’t giggle at least once I’ll give you those two hours of your life back.



One thought on “you’re such a pillow case

  1. This is a great movie.

    And man. “Pump Up The Volume.” I gotta watch that one again and see if it still holds up.

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