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This is the first year in my entire life I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my family. I know, whaaaaa you big baby, suck it up, most Grown Folks don’t spend every holiday with their family. So I guess I’ve been trying to downplay how much this totally sucks.

I actually have no idea what we’re doing. I thought about making dinner but most of my friends who are also not going home already have plans. Maybe I’ll just wake up early on Thursday morning, see Hello Kitty on the TV and go back to bed. Maybe I’ll be so tired of Thanksgiving food after this weekend of parties I won’t even care on Thursday. Maybe I’ll cook a million things that I’ll end up throwing out. Maybe I’ll go to the go to there for their Thanksgiving pot luck. Maybe…



2 thoughts on “holidays

  1. Anytime we didn’t have any solid holiday plans for a holiday like the Thanksgiving, Jen and I just ate at Hometown Buffet. Exciting, I know.

  2. There was a long stretch of time that my dad and I went to Carrows on Thanksgiving because we didn’t want to cook for just the two of us. This was before I was vegetarian so it was fine, but unfortunately I can’t eat most pre-prepared Thanksgiving foods now. Even the stuffing can get ya.

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