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Facebook was a gossip bomb yesterday if you ever followed the band Orgy.

So don’t freak out on me, but I decided to put a band together and do the Orgy thing again. I’m not saying I wouldn’t consider playing with the all original line-up at some point, and there has been correspondence between the original members, and myself. This situation is a good thing, and not intended to piss anyone off or anything. I have spoken to Amir, and Bobby about the situation, and neither seemed to be angry in any way. Bobby is making movies, and Amir and Ry are doing JK. I am friends with all of the OG cast, so please don’t trip. I will keep everyone posted as i know more. Thanks for being UNDERSTANDING….. :))


So yeah that happened. From what was said by others in the band, this is not the case. It got pretty strange to read since I used to run around with these guys and still have contact with Ryan and Amir through Julien-K and what have you. I don’t really understand the point of carrying on as Orgy without the rest of the band. No disrespect to Jay or anything, I just don’t get it. Why not form a new project? Or meet the concessions made by the original members in order to tour as Orgy again?

More as this develops….


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