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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I programmed a punk music show. And so I would get tons of CD’s sent to me. And some of the stuff wasn’t punk “enough,” for me. Like I remember hearing Fallout Boy for the first time and thinking to my tastes, this is crap. But I knew it was a hit. Same thing with Panic! at The Disco. I haven’t had that feeling in a long time, but then I heard Falling In Reverse.

I knew this album had star quality at first listen. No joke Ronnie Radke had been in Escape the Fate so I wasn’t completely blind to who I was listening to. But because my latest mentor an in string of mentors in radio asked me to spend some more time with this record and maybe because of what I’ve been going through behind the scenes I found more and more depth to what this band is doing. Ronnie wrote the record in prison, in his head. That’s fascinating to me, not even knowing if he’d remember how to sing when he got out, not even knowing if a record label would want him when he got out… but the dude has things in his head he wants to share and maybe this isn’t the type of music I always listen to, but damn if you can’t help but be pulled into the lyrics.

My two favorite songs on the album are “The Drug In Me Is You,” and “Raised by Wolves,” and I don’t know, you probably have your own style of music that you like or whatever and may not like this, but if this kid can get his head on straight and keep it that way, he has a chance… Good luck.

Falling in Reverse comes to Chico on 11.11.11, I’m actually interested in seeing how they are live.


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