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Steve Jobs

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I was saddened to hear about Steve Jobs passing yesterday. Not because I’m an Apple fangirl, although I do own a couple of iPods and a couple of iPhones. Not because I had any deep affection for my PowerMac I used to have back in the 90s that no one could figure out out but me (Wait, it’s a Mac but it has a PC set up? I don’t get it, why does your mouse only have one button? Does this Apple key make food?) or the A-Book (the first iBook after the clamshells) as we liked to call the laptop my friend Michael gave me when I lost my job to make job hunting more mobile for me.

it sort of looked like this...

No Steve Jobs was just a free thinker and I think the world needs more of that. I wish I was more of a free thinker. Someone who has an idea and just does it. What take the entirety of someone’s music collection and stuff it into something smaller than a stick of gum? Cool! Totally let’s do that! Revolutionize the way people even consume music? Sure let’s do that. Wait I have this great idea, let’s put the Library of Congress into the pocket of every single American. Let’s let them video chat with grandma from the street corner on their way to class. Let’s make sure anyone with a wifi connection never feels lonely again because we’re putting the entire world in their pocket…

Seriously I can’t imagine life without my iPhone4. It’s stupid to be so attached to what is essentially a phone, but my life is inside of it. Pictures. Videos. Everyone’s phone numbers, emails, and the ability to contact them just by tapping on a screen.

I was in junior high when the internet started becoming regularly available. I used to run a BBS with my friend Daniel called Static Age. I used to log in on my Power Mac and read ASCII text message from all kinds of people. I remember the internet when you had to call it up on the phone and set the handset on the modem to make it work.

I remember my first iPod. My dad bought it for me, it was the 1g shuffle that was shaped like a stick of gum. It still works, it just no longer shuffles. So I use it as a memory stick. But when I got that thing it changed everything. Think of it, you get to take (at least in my case) 1/32 of your music collection with you on vacation. Think of all the cd’s you’re not burning and by that all the garbage you’re not making. It blew my mind. My original 30gb iPod video still trips me out and I panic when I can’t find it.

I heard stories about people’s iPhones blowing up when Steve Jobs passed away, getting texts from Apple and whatever. I didn’t get one so I’m sure it’s urban myth or whatever but even so, how insane is that? The device one man visualized telling the whole world about his death?

I didn’t know Steve Jobs and I bet because I’m such a trusting idiot his company knows more about me than I ever will about the man, but I do know that I will be grateful every day for his contribution to my life and the lives of millions. I have the entire world in my pocket, the palm of my hand, at all times and it’s because of Steve Jobs.


Thanks man. Get some rest, you’ve earned it.


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