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Seahawks proshop review

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I know, I know why do I want to buy Seahawks stuff, they’re pretty freaking horrible this year. But they’re my freaking horrible team and I’m nothing if not loyal (or stupid, one or the other) So every year I make a wishlist of cute Hawks stuff I might want if I ever have some extra scratch.

the 80's stopped by and left this hat

probably sport a large in this since these things always shrink

i hate these, im mad this even exists. the alternate colors are gross. please stop

Now this is more like it. In Alyssa's touch line i think I wear a large as well

I'd pretty much live in this.

ditto this

this needs to be lit on fire. and then lit on fire again

actually throw this one in the fire too. this is as bad as our team has been playing


i'd rock this one though

it actually gets cold enough here for this to be useful to me.

god why? this is just... nope



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