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good times, old friends

i love Natalie

good times at Tortilla Flats


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An old friend of mine (ha ha) reintroduced me to the awesomeness of Portishead a couple of weeks ago after a show. I first heard Portishead “Sour Times,” on this radio show X-Factor that used to run on KRAB back in Bakersfield. My friend Lotus was the host at the time but some time down the road my dad would start hosting that show and it was awesome for me because he was always bringing home tons and tons of music to check out. (Yes you used to have to physically move music around on these funny things called CDs.)

Later when I was a senior in high school and really into all the stupid crap “arty” high school girls get into, poetry and song lyrics and writing and all that stuff Portishead released their second album.  I fell in love with it and listened to it all of the time. I probably wore it out to be honest.  But that was 14 years ago and even though Portishead has put out other things since then I sort of lost track of them and hadn’t listened to them for awhile.

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with someone who needed to hear Portishead right that second and I fell in love all over again.

I’m going to have to go back and check out some of the stuff they’ve released over the last few years and catch up.

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Seahawks proshop review

I know, I know why do I want to buy Seahawks stuff, they’re pretty freaking horrible this year. But they’re my freaking horrible team and I’m nothing if not loyal (or stupid, one or the other) So every year I make a wishlist of cute Hawks stuff I might want if I ever have some extra scratch.

the 80's stopped by and left this hat

probably sport a large in this since these things always shrink

i hate these, im mad this even exists. the alternate colors are gross. please stop

Now this is more like it. In Alyssa's touch line i think I wear a large as well

I'd pretty much live in this.

ditto this

this needs to be lit on fire. and then lit on fire again

actually throw this one in the fire too. this is as bad as our team has been playing


i'd rock this one though

it actually gets cold enough here for this to be useful to me.

god why? this is just... nope


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love love love

A year ago my dad called me to tell me that we had to put Chococat to sleep. He was one of my family cats and actually I had helped him get born because Choco was the baby of one of my ex-boyfriend’s cats. It was a really sad night.

I had already had plans to hang out with this Ben guy.We’d met a couple of months before and spent a lot of time together. I liked him but kept kind of doing this “step off,” thing to him because I didn’t want to get hurt again. I didn’t want to hurt anyone else again either. I didn’t move here to date, I didn’t move here to fall in love with anyone or put down roots and stay awhile. I moved here to work. Period.

But Ben wasn’t having any of that. When I told him about Choco he came over and got me like we had planned in the first place. We went downtown for the Thursday Night Market. He made me eat a tamale. He bought me sunflowers. We had drinks at LaSalles and then walked down to Johnnie’s and had a cocktail there. We talked a lot. Then he drove me home. We went up to the apartment and talked. I had just taken a trip back to SLO before this and he watched my house while I was gone. Watched the cat and all that. We talked about that. We got his notebooks out and passed them back and forth drawing pictures of cats or whatever.

And at some point that evening we decided that we’d officially try out being a couple. That he and I could make something work, the two of us. It was weird because right after we said it out loud I looked at him and went “Oh my god, I don’t know if I can do this.” And he said “We can take it back if you want, just keep hanging out and stuff…” And before he finished I said “No take backs!”

So here we are. A year and some sushi dinners later. Ben lives here in my apartment now. He makes my cat dance even though she hates it. He got me a bicycle and takes out the trash. I cook epic meals, he does the dishes. Sometimes he does my laundry. Sometimes I take him out to dinner. Sometimes I tell him stories about talking cats and sometimes he makes up stories about what Lily is doing or thinking. Sometimes he picks me up from jail. Sometimes I take care of him when he’s sick. All of the time we love each other.

365 days ago we became a team, the cat and Ben and I. And I still think No Take Backs.

I love you, baby.

Ryan and Wendy's wedding

Eating at the Italian Cottage

Cass Winery in SLO county

Black Sheep

Our first "date" at the Bear

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change in the air

this, times a million

Bitter doesn’t look good on anyone. Over the years I’ve watched some really bitter people come and go and it’s never a good look for you. Just keep that in mind.

When you’re going through stuff, you realize who your friends are, who has your back and who has you around for sport or for some function in life. When you stop providing that service, they stop needing you. And that’s okay too, but there are classy ways to end a partnership and there are graceless mean spirited horrible ones. It’s one thing to go to someone and say “I don’t agree with your lifestyle anymore or your life choices and I can not continue this friendship.” Or just cut em out. No need to make a big scene about it.

Heard this song on GHR last weekend and I feel it, pretty much to my core at the moment.