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the 90’s


When I was working at the rock station in San Luis Obispo, I hosted a show called the 90’s at Noon for years. I probably did this for about five or six years. At this point I can’t even remember. I did it long enough that when I say 90’s at Noon the words “on New Rock 1073,” almost fall out of my mouth automatically. It’s sort of silly.

Last Friday my little show came back on the air up here in Chico. I have to say it feels both weird and awesome to be doing it again. There is so much music I can’t wait to get to and so many silly sweepers I want to make and just so much… I don’t know.

There’s a lot of emotion involved in it for me. I took a huge amount of pride in New Rock when it was my baby. And my specialty shows, man those were the salad days. I loved that kind of thing. And being able to do it again… well it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. And I’m really grateful. And excited.

Things are about to get really interesting. And I’m ready for it.


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2 thoughts on “the 90’s

  1. Awesome! I’ll have to remember to tune in via the iPhone app on days I’m not working during the noon hour.

  2. yippee! look forward to listening to ya online, xoxox

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