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Goodbye Cooper

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Yesterday one of my friends here in Chico had to say good bye to his beloved dog Cooper, who’s been with him for the last ten years or something. It’s weird because even though I have only known Cooper for a year I am pretty bummed out too. Because it’s hard to see your friend go through something like this and also because Coop was such a great dog.

We’ve had him on the radio several times and I dog sat for him when Jeremy’s daughter was being born. I can tell you there aren’t many other dogs I’d get up at 4:30 am for but for Cooper it was a no brainer and I was rewarded with so much doggy love just for letting him out to pee and filling his dish. Every time I went over to tend to him while Jeremy was gone I ended up hanging out for like an hour because Cooper would just curl up near my feet and look at me with those huge eyes of his and I couldn’t pull myself away. (Plus Buddy the cat would usually join us and sit on my lap, so I was usually covered in animals by this point)

Monday night I went over to see Cooper one last time and even though he was exhausted and probably not feeling very good he dragged himself out from under the table to say hi to me and before I left the house that night, I went out into the backyard and sat with Coop for awhile. And yeah, I cried because I’m a big ol baby but also because this was an insanely good dog, which usually speaks volumes about their People too.



One thought on “Goodbye Cooper

  1. Aw crap! I never got to meet Cooper. I am sad too.

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