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Okay so no, I was not at LaSalles on Saturday night and thankfully none of my nearest and dearest were either.


HOWEVER- People keep asking me what I think. Here’s what I think: Some asshole shot someone.


That’s it. It has no reflection on Chico as a whole or LaSalles at all. Some dick with a problem shot someone. Could’ve happened anywhere. You know how I know? When I lived in a town of 700 people (yes you read that correct) one of my neighbors had his throat slit with a box cutter in the middle of typical Friday night fun. Why? Because someone was crazy. People do dumb shit.


What I will tell you is this: LaSalles is a great place. I know a lot of people who work there and some of them are the best in town. Guess what? I’ve never felt scared or threatened there. Ever. Not even alone while waiting for people to join me. It’s a class act. The people who work there work hard and work well to make sure their customers and friends are happy. Eff everything about people saying otherwise.


What happened on Saturday night could have and does happen everywhere and anywhere. All the time. It’s the world we live in. It is not LaSalles. It is not Chico. It is this idiotic notition of something to prove.


My heart goes out to all of the people who were traumatized Saturday night. My heart goes out to the LaSalles Family who is being unfairly blamed. Heal kids, and know I will be back in there Friday night to watch Armed for Apocolypse tear it up.


One thought on “LaSalles

  1. My crew will be partying in chico regardless. Keep an eye out July 16th-18th 🙂

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