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Lily Update

Lily seems okay this morning. She was up before me meowing for food and playing a little. I think she’s just ate something funky or overheated yesterday. Ben thinks she over ate. But she didn’t throw up at all in the night.

She used to puke a lot when we lived at the beach but she also used to go outside and eat bugs and plants. So I’m sure she probably just ate something weird. She just scared me yesterday. 😦




I know, I know crazy cat lady here:


I love my cat.


She’s well… my child. I wont ever get any closer at this point so understand Lily is my life.

first day at the new house


Lily has been throwing up all day. I don’t know what to do.


Oh Hai


Please be okay, sweetie


You should be stronger than me

Learning that Amy Winehouse died today was not shocking.

However I am very sad about it. Amy had this incredible talent as you can see in the above video from her debut album “Frank.” Actually the video is quite sad to watch because you see a beautiful young girl with an immense talent, and what we will probably remember about Amy is the wreck she became.

I discovered Amy during a really crap period in my life.  I was dealing with this ridiculous break up from a dude who was a complete and total piece of shit. My roommate had just moved out and I was alone a lot of the time.  I was up late reading celebrity gossip or some shit in my room and came across a picture of this girl and decided to google her. It was a few months before “Back To Black” came out in the states  but I found her stuff online and sat there listening to it and just feeling… less broken and less lonely. I will shamelessly say I downloaded the whole album illegally at first, although I did buy it when it came out later. I burned it on to a CD and drove around listening to it  pretty much constantly for about three months.

I introduced friends to it. Burned more copies and got them interested. My friend Gary who bartended at Mr Ricks at the time was in love with her. We used to hang out after I got off work on Mondays and talk music and listen to Amy at the bar and then watch “Heroes” while he worked (I didn’t have cable at the time, it was pretty much the only way I could watch the show,) with my friend Kristin.

Amy was a part of my San Luis Obispo experience for sure. When I was down there last, I remember the morning we were going to leave, I was sitting at the hotel room with all the windows open while Ben slept, listening to Amy on my iPod and being online, because Amy Winehouse will always remind me of SLO, both the good and the bad times I had there.

It saddens me that someone I never met was able to get me through a horrible time in my life. Her music was so comforting to me and millions of other people. I am sad for her that this wasn’t enough to help her fight her demons and keep herself healthy.

Thank you Amy for your beautiful music. I hope whatever was driving you to destroy yourself is quiet now.

Goodbye Amy

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad


Today is my Dad’s birthday and yet again I am a million miles away in Chico. This bums me out a great deal even though I just saw my dad a month ago.

However I know my Dad will have a great day because my Mama D will make that happen since I can’t.

This is my Dad’s favorite song. I was able years ago, in the good ol’ days when I always had money and tickets and time off, to take him to see Morrissey for Father’s Day and this was the Smiths song that Morrissey played. That was so cool. We had such a good time!

Fathers Day 2011

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!