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Yes the rumors are true, I am going to be turning 32 in less than a month.  I have no plans for my birthday because I probably have to work and will also not have money to travel that particular weekend nor the desire to travel with the rest of America at the same time. Last year I had my birthday after only being in Chico for about two weeks so needless to say it was low key and if my parents hadn’t come up, I wouldn’t have done anything but sit at my pool and watch the butterflies or whatever.

Anyway I’ve started getting the usual “What do you want for your birthday?” questions and my standard answer is always “Nothing.” Because I didn’t even do anything to get born, after all.  But I do love to shop online so here are somethings I like currently that I probably wouldn’t get for myself.

I like the checkerboard ones. I wear a seven

I'd love some low top chucks for the summer

Everyone always asks what my favorite vodka is. Believe it or not it's this

MMMM sunglasses. I really need a nice pair. I'm a big girl now and can take care of them

I've decided to upgrade to an iPhone 4 at some point.

aren't these cute?!?

I need a new pair of jeans like a mother effer. I don't even know where to get them here

I don't know what this is, but I want to live in it.

This is my favorite wine, ever.

It wouldn't suck to get to go back here either

But really all I want on my birthday this year is to be with my friends here or there or where ever. Maybe eating some sushi or tacos and having a cocktail.  I’ll probably have to work though.


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