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happy birthday baby

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Today is my boyfriend’s birthday.

After a riotous trip to Sacramento

When I first moved here and didn’t know anyone, I magically met Ben one day. And for a long time I did that thing I do, where I kept him at arms length because I was sure he was going to end up being a poop head. We went to dinner a lot. Went out for drinks. Watched horrible movies at my house.  Whatever. And then one day after a few months I decided we could date. I don’t know what wore me down, but when Ben wants something he’s persistent within an inch of being really effin’ annoying.

A trip to SLO

Ben and I like to go on adventures. He may have traveled more in the last eight months than he ever used to. He went to Bakersfield and lived to tell the tale. He’s been to SLO with me twice and earlier this year we went to Sacramento just for the hell of it. It was a great night.

We also have food adventures. I love to take him to new places to eat. We go to sushi all the time and he swears he didn’t like it much before I got here. I took him to sushi actually for one of our first dates. But we love to cook at home too. He will eat anything I make and usually will have seconds. He swears I’m a great cook. I think he’s just hungry.

at Monk's

Ben also loves to go dancing with me. He won’t admit that but he does. Sometimes we go to the Bear or Panama’s so I can shake my ass. He’s decent dancer believe it or not and likes the way I dance. I wasn’t aware I was any good at dancing but he swears I’m his favorite person to dance with.

We are not drinking in a parking lot

Today were having a low key party for him at Franky’s followed by a round drinks at the Duff.  Not the stars and fireworks I want to give him but it is a Tuesday after all.

Happy Birthday my darling. May this be filled with funny cats, scientific discouvery, love and laughter. Or sushi and beer. Whatever.

I love you.


One thought on “happy birthday baby

  1. happy birthday ben! I’m glad you’re there to make my girl happy. 🙂

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