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29. A song written/performed by a band/artist that never got their “due.” (A band or artist you think should be huge, but is not for whatever reason.)

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Oh bitch please. This is easy….

Videodrone is one of my all time favorite bands and not just because I adore each and every one of them. This song was my jam back in 99. And I could tell you the whole record company story and everything else but why… what I will tell you is Ty Elam is and always will be one of my favorite people and this song is pure liquid sonic gold.

Spike 1000’s major label debut had AMAZING all over it and could’ve been huge. It came out on 9.11.2001. That ended that.  Shannon is amazing. This band was amazing. Another Bakersfield band…

In a galaxy far away a long time ago there was Deadsy. God I will never forget or forgive this band for many things. Mostly for making me fall in love with something enough that I WORKED so hard to try to help them blow up. And even then they saved me from a depressed place.  I was busy and that’s all that mattered.

I have a million theories why this didn’t happen. More bad shit with record companies etc. But these guys, also friends of mine. At least a couple of them. I love(d) this band with my whole heart and I wanted so much for them to get HUGE.

Who made this? It’s absurd? But its my favorite Deadsy song.

Love this one too. I may be the only person who really liked Phantasmagore.

And this one? Yes. Even though no one ever got it on an album.

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