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28. A song that you have listened to at least 100 times, and still LOVE.

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Oh please this could be any song I like. I am really bad about listening to songs on repeat sometimes. Because I want to hear everything in them.

On that note, here you go:

Look I grew up in Bakersfield. I love me some old school music. Between that, working at KKXX and then working at Wild? Forget it. I’ve heard this song a million freakin’ times and you know what?  I still turn it up and sing every time.

See you think I’m kidding but if I’m ever anywhere and this comes on? Dancing. LOVE this song and I used to play it on the radio when it first came out. I can tell you easily in the year it came out I heard it more than 100 times.

it does in fact feel so good

God I really did grow up in the 90’s didn’t I? Sorry I love P.M. Dawn. I may be the only person in the world who remembers them. But yeah this song? Love it. I also remember some certain someone singing it to me once. Good night. Hilarious in retrospect but yeah. Can’t ever get tired of this one.

By the way if this song starts off quiet, don’t turn it way up. Frickin Steve Albini.

I love PJ Harvey. So much I bought a ticket to see her off of eBay once and went by myself. In Los Angeles. That much. Top 10 shows I’ve ever seen.

I put this song on jukeboxes everywhere I go. If it’s there, I play it. I already mentioned X in this meme, but I love this song. I love this band.

Even though when I met Keith Morris he was kind of a jaded toolbag, I understand. This song was my “jam” for awhile and I must have listened to it about 11000 times.

this is when I was fat(ter)

All day every day for at least a month and a half, that was me and this song. At least James Dewees is nice to me.  Ha ha.

he smokes vanilla cigarettes

I’m sure there are more somewhere but whatever, you get the idea.

One thought on “28. A song that you have listened to at least 100 times, and still LOVE.

  1. ZOMG!!!!!!

    PM DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Also, Steve Albini. I LOLZ’d.)

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