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27. A song you listen to when you are sad.


Oh man Sad Bastard music is my specialty, so I’ll give you a couple here….

rotten bastards....

Adele – Rolling in the Deep is a great song. I listen to it when I’m sad because it kind of pumps me up again if I’m sad or missing someone. I mean who hasn’t looked back on a relationship or nine and thought, wow I’d still be with that person if they weren’t such a total moron for X number of weeks or months it took you to get sick of it and go “Nope,” and walk out the door all sassy? Okay maybe that’s just me.

I heard this for the first time while working at Wild. Hell I used to play it. Again another love lament. I don’t think a lot of people understand that ending a relationship is just as shitty as getting broken up with. I don’t think they ever understand the agony of it until they have to go through it. You always think, “Maybe I’m doing the wrong thing,” or “Well I do love this person, I don’t want to hurt them, even though they’re hurting me.” Or any number of things.

I don’t know that the Dashboard Prophets ever really did another song that anyone ever heard but this was on the Buffy t.v. show which is some of my television “comfort food,” and is one of my favorite sad bastard songs. Want to wallow? Crank this up.

Sia – “Breathe Me,” is a great song if you have to have a good cry. Sometimes that helps believe it or not. Anyway if I’m just the tinest bit sad I can flip this song on and will probably bawl my eyes out within about 30 seconds.

And finally….

Another song where the lyrics just speak for themselves. Not especially sad sounding song but the lyrics are pretty sad. I love Tegan and Sara though.


3 thoughts on “27. A song you listen to when you are sad.

  1. Didn’t know jeremy’s wife had a band.

  2. Well, your blog gave me a good excuse to finally hear that Adele song. Amazing. I actually have her first album on my albums-to-buy list.

    Also, Tegan and Sara rules.

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