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23. A song that has painful memories associated with it.

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God which ones don’t?

I bring Chris up here and there. This is the month he died and he’s been heavy on my mind lately. It’s pretty weird that I signed my employment agreement on the anniversary of his death last year. I sometimes wonder if he had a hand in helping me on my way up here. It was a very Chris thing to do to just say “fuck it,” and move 400 miles away. As we saw.

I listened to this song a lot after he died. I don’t know why. I first heard it years before when an ex of mine moved to Arizona. It had no connection to Chris and I until I just couldn’t stop listening to it after he died.

I started writing a book about us back when he died. Or at least a short story. I don’t know it helped me think. I never finished it.  I may still.

Here’s another one. Same thing. I used to listen to this one on the beach on my iPod (sometimes in the water) when I was sad. Or missed my friend.

Don’t ask. Seriously.


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