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22. A song written and/or performed by you OR someone you know. If this is not possible, a song you wish you had written.


Okay I haven’t written music, in years! I did finish one song ONCE with a couple of friends when we were trying to start a band. Turns out I’m not that into being a musician. It’s okay I have a lot of friends who are creative types. This is another one that can’t just be one entry…

About a thousand years ago in Bakersfield there was this band Juice that was crazy freakin’ amazing. We honestly thought they were going to be signed next and be the next Korn. Seriously the town had an obsession with these guys back in 1999/2000.  This is a live track.

These boys also are also friends of mine.

This dude Dave Deroo? Totally one of my favorite people on the planet

Here’s a studio version of one of their songs.

Anyway speaking of Bakersfield and people I know who made music…

Cradle of Thorns was so great. They used to do weird stuff like show Faces of Death in the background at their shows or do performance art with a pig’s head. Ty Elam is another one of those people I just LOVE because he’s intense, crazy talented and nicer than hell. I have a great many wonderful Ty Elam stories. But mostly I just remember him being all about helping other bands out and always being a stand up cool dude.

And a joy to photograph…

Bakersfield College

Oh and he called Jennifer with me on her birthday a few years ago. That was pretty hilarious.

While we’re talking about Ty, we can not forget the band that for awhile I felt like I was IN this damn band for awhile I saw them so much, let’s talk about Videodrone. I will get more into Videodrone later in this meme, I see an entry coming up that is definitely going to include them.

I will tell you this in the mean time. Scour the Earth. Find a copy of Videodrone’s one and only album. Its the dudes from Cradle of Thorns minus Tamera and their major label debut. Even TWELVE years later this sounds incredibly fresh and awesome. One of the best things ever made in Bakersfield, California…

Back in the 90’s- Early 2000’s I was obsessed with the band Orgy. Pretty hilarious since Ryan is also a pretty good friend. I worked for these guys for awhile doing record label stuff for D1. I was actually in another video later on, but this is one of my favorite Orgy songs. Everyone in this band is cool as hell.  I’ve had A LOT of fun with these guys over the years and met a lot of people because of them.

I mentioned Deadsy yesterday. I did street team and message board stuff for these guys for years. This video is kinda silly and I think this song was done to satisfy some record label pressure when they were at Dreamworks but whatever. What you’re looking at is Cher’s son, an amazing film scorer, the guitarist for Berlin and the Dreaming, Vera Farmiga‘s husband and the guy behind Ashes Dead. In other words this amazing band isn’t together anymore but goddamn if I don’t miss them and all the things that went along with knowing them. I still talk to Carlton and Ash every so often so that’s rad. This video may be kinda silly since it was directed by Fred Durst, who is an asshat.

Julien K is a band that was created by Ryan and Amir from Orgy. I was actually in the studio when a song or two from Death to Analog were recorded. I did work for these guys for awhile while I was unemployed and again it introduced me to some of the coolest people and I had the best time. Seeing Julien K in Bakersfield at Jerry’s and then going to the Mint after? Eff yes!

this is actually after an Orgy show but whatever, great night.

I would be remiss in not including these guys in this meme

Adema, what’s to say? Original line up involved someone I went to high school with (Hi Mike Ransom, thanks for being so rad) my friend Dave, Tim from Juice, Kris Khols who was in Cradle, Videodrone and is an all around nice guy and Marky who is oddly enough the stepbrother of someone in Korn.  These were sweet times. Crazy insane my friend just got hilariously famous on MTV and in magazines and wtf these guys are on a Del Taco cup (Yay Arista?) times.

A lot of people liked to be “friends” with this band at the time but I remember getting pulled out of a shower to run down and interview them because they wanted to do the interview with me. I remember opting not to stand on the stage at the CD release party. I remember Marky and Dave telling me happy birthday in a tiny assed bar by my folks house on my 3oth. I remember when Adema was on singer #786876 and he seemed to light his hair on fire at some hotel in San Luis Obispo. In other words these boys are family and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Anyway now to finish this up…

Let’s be super clear, I don’t know the dudes in Korn all that well… but I did know the guys in Sexart which is where this song originated from. You might see my friend Ryan’s name in the song writing credits.

This may have been the most difficult day of the meme, I could do this for hours…


3 thoughts on “22. A song written and/or performed by you OR someone you know. If this is not possible, a song you wish you had written.

  1. I love learning about local bands from places I’ve never lived. Thanks for educating me on some of the Bakersfield bands, obscure or otherwise.

  2. *likes this post immensely*

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