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21. A song recorded in the aughts (2000-09).

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You realize I can’t just pick one? So here’s a handful of stuff I like from the last decade…

I love this song. I heard a funny story about Lady Sov once but I can’t repeat it here. It’s really funny though.

I know, how gauche to like Rancid but my best friend Jennifer and I love this band. We went to see them together once at the Ventura theater when I had exactly 60 dollars in my wallet and no drivers license because I’d lost my wallet at the Gym Class Heroes the weekend before. They played an acoustic set and I am pretty sure she and I both cried while we drank our shared vodka cranberry. Best seven dollar drink I ever had.

Fact, I HATED this song when it came out. It wasn’t until I stopped thinking of it as The Tiger Army, and just decided it was some weird Nick 13 bull-ish that I was okay with it. It reminds me of the mid “aughts” and that was a very good time. Actually Jennifer and I saw these guys together a few times. Ventura was a good show. So was the one after she got like 90 liters of blood drawn and she was walking around Downtown Brew in SLO with her arm bandaged drinking a cocktail. Good times.

The last of my old time friends. Man I love Dredg and I’ve had some GREAT times because of this band. (Shooting pool at a place in Pismo Beach comes to mind) and their new album is going to be CRAZY AWESOME. I actually want to go down and see them in a Sac later this month.  Anyway when “Catch Without Arms,” came out I was more involved with them than I am now and I just remember getting the record Fed-Ex’d to me and then driving my old Kia (RIP Road Warrior Labon!) out to the Avila pier with this record on at full blast. So good. I always associate this record with the beach. And some shitty cops in Buellton.

I should be in this video. I don’t know how I’m not since all the outdoor scenes were filmed at my radio station’s music festival and the band flew cross country to play this show for little old me. I owe Deadsy a great debt because I met some of my best friends while I was working for this band. I can give a thousand reasons why this never “worked” mainstream but the truth is it was just too special I think. I think this band did exactly what it was supposed to do.. introduce so many Legions to each other. We have Deadsy babies now, Legions (that’s what the fans called themselves) got married and had kids because they met because of this bands. I have friends in almost every state that I could facebook or call up and say “Hey it’s Nowheregrrl. Can I sleep on your couch?” And the answer would always overwhelmingly be  yes. That includes some of the dudes in this band. Magic time for me. I miss them. But we’ll get more into that tomorrow!

Let’s not be dumb, I LOVE Unwritten Law. Like I LOVE them. And they love me. This song also came out mid 2000’s and eff me if it didn’t feel exactly like I felt for a moment. Scott Russo needs to get out of my head. I think I’ve seen this band somewhere around 17 times? I don’t know but I need to see them again soon, even if I hate their new single. We always had the best times together.

While I’m up, check this one

My future ex husband and I

And finally…

I got into Incubus on a trip to Huntington Beach. I heard “Drive,” while I was on the freeway for 11 hours going to visit my friend Gabe.  But “I Wish You Were Here,” is another great one. I know again super uncool to love Incubus I do LOVE certain songs.


One thought on “21. A song recorded in the aughts (2000-09).

  1. If it’s wrong to like Incubus, I don’t want to be right.

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