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20. A guilty pleasure song (explain).

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I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures when it comes to music. Music is my life… but here I’ll give you a few (breaking the rules AGAIN) that people are surprised are in my library:

I like gangsta rap. Sue me.  N.W.A was awesome. I love this song. I love to turn this song up as loud as I can in my car and drive around with my windows down.  Real talk.

I shouldn’t like Paramore. It’s against everything I stand for and Hailey steals my hair a lot. This song though, I related to it a few years ago when my ex and I started seeing each other. He had what we would call a problematic ex girlfriend. For some reason the line about “once a whore you’re nothing more, I’m sorry that’ll never change” for some reason, that one resonates…

Panic! at the Disco is pretty much everything that is wrong with music. Or was back in the day. Who cares? This song is so much fun to blast in your car. Tristan and I used to drive around in his box car with this on at top volume before we’d go out and drink and eff ish up.  We always said we didn’t listen to it because we liked it but because it made us mean.  I miss those times.

Speaking of stupid bands from stupid record labels…

“Dance Dance” is another really horrible song from a really fun time in my life. I crank this bitch up every time it comes on anywhere. I don’t care. I know it’s crap. But man the memories? Such good times. Even at the time I knew I was living a golden moment.  I may want to punch Pete Wentz on occasion but damn…not over this song.

They were very very good times...


One thought on “20. A guilty pleasure song (explain).

  1. It’s hard to believe those NWA kids were ever that young. Regardless, “Compton” is a jam. And Pete Wentz is absolutely punchable. But I’ve got some respect for Patrick Stump. I like some of his new solo material and I have a bit of a soft spot for Fallout Boy because (once again) they’re from Chicago. Not sure I’d heard the Panic! At The Disco song before. And, yeah. You’ve summed up that one nicely. I’m gonna skip over the Paramore track for now because, man, it’s just too early in the day…

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